Dream Wedding On The Roofs Of Balelsberg

The Sun radiates warm up about Babelsberg, lets hope for a beautiful summer day. A summer day that not only she, but also as the bride and groom want to make Klaus and Theresa a special.

With beautiful weather few and his guests in the stately and impressive ambience of the Belvedere on Pfingstberg Hill find themselves that are, where bride and groom up say over the rooftops so green.

A breathtaking view and delicious appetizers then waiting for the society that their gaze wander overwhelmed about forests and Lakes can be before it goes with the boat on a pleasantly cool tour with the freshly baked married couple.

Also at the evening dinner in the small castle of Babelsberg Park, none of the not far distant Pulsating metropolis is felt.Idyllic and secluded one encounters on here to detail designed Board of Botanic Art Floral And Event Design for a happy future…

Also photographer Ashley Ludascher is not just us, yet always deeply impressed by this beautiful wedding, as she tells us:”the wedding of Klaus and Theresa embodied what I love so much my job. Their private wedding was so relaxed, emotional and incredibly beautiful, she’s the dream of every photographer at two great locations in Potsdam, outside of Berlin, to work. And despite the many loving details focus on Theresa and Klaus and their deep love and affection. It moved me to tears, to capture their affection and deep love forever. ”

We can only imagine the ceremony by Theresa and Klaus was as heartrending, but expressive pictures by Ashley Ludascher make it easy for us, to immerse us in the wedding party of two…