DIY Maritime Place Cards With Matching, Printed Napkin

Table order is today’s theme of the GWB challenge during the summer do it yourself. Just now, the summer has arrived in Switzerland. Most couples celebrate their wedding in this time of year. Therefore it is not by accident that I chose for the maritime theme. Here in Switzerland we have many beautiful lakes such as, for example, the Bodenseee, Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne and the Lake of Zurich. And what does fit in there? Decorative vessels, fish and anchor.

Required material
Letter stamp set by online shop van Harte
handmade place cards from online shop van Harte
Fabric of Sofia blue white of IKEA
Zigzag scissors
white thread
Sewing machine
Tape measure

Fabric paint
Stencil brush
Anchor templates template by me
Felt-tip pen pure liquid ink
Sisal rope 2.7mm
Hot glue
Painters masking

Sew the napkin

First be sure the purchased fabric wash and iron. So bring out the finishing of the fabric. Then cut the fabric to the desired level with the zigzag scissors.

With the sewing machine the material edge with zigzag stitch stitch off. Cut off the protruding threads.

Print napkin

Template anchor template to the download. Letter set print LOVE with the fabric paint Center at the lower end of the napkin. If the paint has dried, you can continue with the anchor. Anchor cut with a cutter.

Glue the anchor template with the painter crepe on the fabric above the LOVE lettering. Then thin StampStatus the textile paint stencil brush. Be careful around the edges. Press important always in the right angle from top to bottom. Drying can be and then secure with the iron (according to the instructions of the textile paint).

Place cards

Two strings cut off sisal and tie together according to instructions. This video guide to the reef knot has helped me a lot. Trim the ends of the cord with the scissors to the same length. Then glue with hot glue the finished node on the map. And finally write guest names with black pen.

Now get to the table decorations! I’ve tinkered appropriately white paper boats and decorated with white, homemade porcelain fish.

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