D.I.Y.. Tears of Joy: Packaging For Handkerchiefs

Halli Hi

I’m Stephanie from your SiGN and DIY is my passion. Who would have thought that this time is to my profession. 2010, I opened my own creative studio in Cham. I specialize in graphics and decorations for weddings and accompany beautiful moments with my ideas now and many others.

When Karin von Stylehäppchen said she’d like a DIY tutorial series for their blog, I have addressed of course me in my teaching of craft felt. Now glad to present you the first do it yourself instructions. After a long think about what could be the most exciting, I thought, is there anything better than tears of joy when the Yes-Word? So, how about a sweet packaging for handkerchiefs? So that every guest can give free rein to his tears of joy.


-Nice paper (lime or fine print paper CA. 120 – 200gm2)


-Japan knife

-Groove axe (Not is the back of a cutlery knife)


-Cutting mat (or a thick cardboard)

-Print template here in brown or radiant Orchid purple

Step 1

Print template print and with scissors cut out. Japan knife cut the inner lines along.

Step 2

With the folding blade grooves break edges. Then fold the template and with the folding hatchet good smooth paint.

Step 3

Handkerchief into place and close packing. Your packaging is already finished.

Pictures and instructions: Gastbloggerin Steffi by YourSign.ch

Do you want more do it want to see do-it-yourself tutorials by me?

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