Couples of The MET Costume Institute Gala, Wedding, Wedding and More Royal Wedding and Much More in The Week in Poprosa

Since today is the day to speak of the red carpet at the MET Costume Institute Gala. And since we have not lost the chance to talk about the best and worst of the same or, for example, pairs of celebrities who did not let go, for example they, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady going – are – completely divine.

But if there has been a story for excellence this week has been everything to do with the Royal Wedding to which many have described as the wedding of the century. Of course, it could not be otherwise and We had our point at Poprosa…

Thus, in addition to talking about Beckham and other celebrities who gathered, as well as all members of the Royal houses or horrible premiums of the bridegroom, including the looks of the Spanish where Doña Letizia Ortiz to me I loved it for the night and not so day. We also talk about Radiant bride, his absolutely wonderful sister, anticipated kiss or his departure in an Ashton Martin.

However, success has so taken the comic point that we put with reasonable similarities the wedding that you can not miss, and with which they are sure you chat a while, see what you think about the similarities of the princesses Beatriz and Eugenia and other… Of course, that if you wish something more romantic, you can not stop poinchar here: the real kisses, where we review the moment of the kiss in other Royal Weddings special.

And aside from already so many wedding, that we can talk about other news, as the unexpected news of the paternity of Miguel Bosé that left us all speechless, or know that Mario Casas and María Valverde they are a couple.

By the way, since we began headlining with Gisele Bundchen, We will have to finish it also with the cover of Elle Brazil where emulates Brigitte Bardot in an incredible way. Tremendous seemed.

And finally, don’t miss the new floor that has been bought Jennifer Aniston in New York because it is a last, all price reaching almost six million dollars to have only one room and one bathroom… tremendous.

So far the review of the best of the week in Poprosa. We now have the entire month of may ahead to see what happens to the famous, so do not miss detail.