Contest Diy Gift “Cracker” With a Gradient

The German wedding blogs hosting a small contest under the hacks of the German-speaking Hochzeitsblogs today for the second time. For today’s topic, the only default is an Ombré-gradient. As a member, and because I was not last time I asked me this task. It was not easy because it has such great inspiration on the Internet. And I rarely can… decide for one

With me there’s tip for a gift it yourself today a do. Inspired by the British custom of Christmas to have a cracker as a table decoration. The ritual is to open the crackers before dinner, in which you at the same time pull both ends. It sounds a little crack, then popts and out fine things and a few butterflies.

So if you mean post super duper great finds, then please go to the Facebook page of the German wedding blogs and vote for me! Every vote counts and I am pleased about each!

DIY gift “The Cracker”

Required material
Toilet paper rolls
Masking tape at the handicraft Centre in Bern CHF 1.75 white paper 50x250cm
Wrapping paper poppies 50x70cm at Globus CHF 4.90
Merci cuff in Ombré (for the download)
Ribbon type level blue at Globus CHF 6.80
Cracker snap (Our site) or omit

Double-sided adhesive tape or hot glue
Cutter or scissors

Something to the fill (Our site)
-traditional flints
-20s Mocken
-Maestrani Munz dark chocolate caramel
-Love hearts Swizzels

To the instructions:

Easy 1:

Provide material. The best cut to dimensions 9 x 15 cm and the Merci already needed cuff in the number of crepe paper 23 x 30 cm, wrapping paper in the.

Step 2:
Cracker snap centered paste role into the toilet. Then roll toilet roll with the tailored crepe paper.

Step 3:
A page with the Ribbon tie. Confetti and candy fill the open side. With the second of Ribbon to tie the second page.

Step 4:
Wrapping paper to the crackers place and glue them in place. It does not matter whether you use double-sided adhesive tape or hot glue. What you have at home or with which you work better.

Step 5:
Finally, glue cuff. Be sure the end let stand off. Otherwise it loses its effect! Your gift is ready!

Plus a little extra for you:

Matching table numbers for IKEA Tolsby frame

Table numbers to the download here: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9

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