Chanel, from The Hand of Karl Lagerfeld, Makeup for a ‘Wedding Bindi’

During a recent trip to the India, Karl Lagerfeld He had the opportunity to attend a hindu wedding, and was fascinated by the way in which the bride and groom and their guests, is maquillaban and arranged for the occasion.

Karl had already announced his firm intention that its collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 It is full of positive energy and magic. That explains the spectacular staging of their last parades that passed between gigantic prisms of quartz to scare away the “bad waves”.

Come on, a full-fledged crisis collection! So has invited us to an amazing journey, without having to spend a fortune on airline tickets.

Do you know that in the hindu religion, the? Bindi -also known as tika – is a brand, an important religious symbol, which may take the form of a point, a tear or a series of lines on the forehead?

Therefore, these distinctions, that many Hindus are painted in the middle of the eyes (the biggest nerve in the human body) facilitates the flow of energy, so its use is an important source of balance.

Upon landing his travel, Lagerfeld sat down with Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL makeup, and through a quick sketch hand lump was explaining the approach that I wanted to give to his new line of makeup:

Vincent Lappartient for some Chanel photos thick eyebrows, straight and well-kept, they add sophistication to the makeup and youth to the face but that they were also capable of creating optical effects to emphasize the strength of the gaze, and balance the features of a face

A few straight eyebrow, manufactured in the manner of the “Bindi Weddings” by courtesy of the Maison Lesage, which could hit the face by an embroidered Pearl base with sequin, crystals and chunks of anthracite, able to focus all eyes.

It’s one trend, of a style that should not lose sight of, probably, become our best accessory party, Since it is not usual to admire besides a splendid makeup, all this profusion of tiny jewels on a female face.

Do you want to be sophisticated and the latest? Then take a look at the new ideas upon make up proposals during the parades of new collections Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013.

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