Celebrities at The Festival De MáLaga, Reese Witherspoon’s Wedding, The First Image of The Son of Penelope Cruz and More in The Week in Poprosa

This week we are in luck in the South of Spain and not only because we already started to have more than spring temperatures, but because it is celebrating the Festival de Málaga. At the opening gala we have seen many familiar faces from our view, although we should mention two names on each other: the of of White Suarez and Mario homes.

Both have been clear news this week also for reasons more of the area of the heart that White It seems that it has begun a relationship with Miguel Angel Silvestre, neither more nor less, and Mario He has seen eating to kisses with Clara Lago, while it seems that there is no nothing.

In the magazine world have to highlight this cover of Penelope Cryz and Javier Bardem with his son Leo in what is the first image of the happy couple with the two-month-old baby.

One of the most roses news that we have had these days has been the link of Reese Witherspon. Yes, the actress has become married this past weekend in a ceremony with about 120 guests where you could see many of the so-called A-List celebrities who are unwilling to lose this moment of the couple. Now we can only wait to see if any wedding image sneaks and be able to contemplate a Reese dressed in Monique Lhuillier.

But these days, in addition to a wedding, we have been birthday, as Perez Hilton where Selena Gomez We dressed very blue surprise themselves and strangers. But has also been the of David Bustamante that has held it in family and we must not forget the Lady Gaga birthday where you can see it, so just 25 years, auto – has decided to congratulate ourselves and we have dedicated a special of the best covers of magazines has starred in recent years.

Of course, if we talk about Selena Gomez and her strange look also should speak for Katy Perry and his for her new video, which, of course, leaves no one indifferent.

And in what refers to the world of the scandal, we have to talk about which emerging environment to Natalie Portman and his Oscar from the hands of the dancer who made the actress dancing scenes. Is the same it was thought that they were going to give to it or that Natalie won it is, precisely, by moving your feet properly and not for her great performance…

To (almost) complete, here are other special as that of famous Scots and the second part of the beginnings of the famous before becoming famous.

As a gift, since we are in the spring, I hope that you deleiteis with David Beckham This great fantastic man’s home…

Until the coming week.