Carolina And Rodrigo-Dreamy Honeymoon In Santorini

The bright white of the Greek Rock City breaks hard in the azure blue of the sky and is harmonious with each other only in the soft green of olive trees of that stretch their crowns gracefully into the air. Here in Santorini, she seems to be love at home. And with it the pristine summer. Air and love are the important ingredients for an unforgettable honeymoon here.

Yes, days like this must be-recorded just artfully forever so, how did the photographer by Paulina Weddings and the loving togetherness of the Brazilian couple shows Carolina and Rodrigo on the island into a wonderful world of images.

The magic of white and blue fits so beautifully to true love. So fresh and with an incomparable ease as she carries this old village itself, the newly-wed couple passes white-washed houses lead the way with their blue details. Direction of honeymoon and into the future.

This breaks the bride in a loosely covered and white dress with open hair and sandals. Only the wedding rings and the white flower bouquet with single blue Thistles prove to be reminiscent of the romance of your wedding day.

Instinctively under shady olive trees and enjoy the sound of the deep blue sea, which sings its melancholy song about the comings and goings of the lovers over the cliffs up. … To just say no honeymoon in Santorini who could?