Brienne And Adam-Mallorca Elopement Of a Special Kind

It smells of branches of Rosemary and olive trees, the Sun is shining golden on the memory-inducing property. Idyllic, Palm trees in the Sky Tower while Ivy and rose bushes has been shrouded in high stone walls.

Here they spent and in the House by Adams deceased favorite writer Robert grave once a day. At that time, nobody suspected that the two would soon return and marry as a first pair in this House – converted to the Museum now.

From the planned big wedding in Santa Fe a romantic elopement soon became two, best on Majorca, where they could wallow in memories of special moments.

To marry with a clear conscience, they talked about their families and closest friends, who however summarily decided just to come along. Thus, the elopement for two became a party for 26.

Deià itself was enough inspiration and decoration, and so that took up time and again few olive branches, eucalyptus and lemon in the entire DIY design. Also their love for details and music became noticeable in the form of self-composed songs and home-made headpieces for all female guests.

Pure harmony and love, also among the guests, who made the long journey from America to itself without thinking to celebrate one of the most beautiful days of her life with Adam and Brienne…

Photographer Katinka Stone had the great pleasure to accompany the charming couple in Mallorca and held the big day in wonderful pictures! Here she shows us their most beautiful shots…