Bicycle Love-When Good Friends Get Married Rebecca Conte

…dann makes you happy that even the wedding photographer. Why? Because the bride and groom Katrin & Hannes namely good friends Rebecca Conte. Must that be not wonderful to experience everything first hand? Starting with the wedding preparations until the very end when the Goodbye of the guests.Before we start now with the wedding pictures, I would like to reveal you some great ideas in this wedding. From the invitation to the wedding gift everything is dedicated to the theme bike love. From a classic cool registry room, the two conjured up their personal space to say yes! Best liked the gift and the announcement for the guests. Look very carefully. I think it’s just great and recommended to go after…

The best moment for you on the day of the wedding?

Wedding: definitely the moment as we us our own wedding vows read.Thinking about the crumbly come up today again.

Groom: I really can’t say that. The day was full of wonderful moments. Ranging from the very first moment when my wife saw the promise of marriage, a song by Herbert Grönemeyer at the wedding ceremony, that has a special meaning for us. The moment when the Party really went out and dropped the whole tension. It was the whole package that has voted.

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?

Bride: I think everyone has a point where seemingly nothing more goes: you argue with the partner, the service providers have no dates or are too expensive, it is a dress and the whole beautiful DIY ideas are incredibly time consuming and also too expensive out. And to make matters worse, wedding guests with bizarre special requests arrive at once.

Solution: Breathe deeply! Focuses you on it, why you make it (marrying the love of your life…). Leads you envision, what is actually important to both of you on the wedding day and then only does.

And find reliable witnesses that keep all organizational of you on the day of the wedding. ‘Ll be too excited to be able to decide anything!

Groom: I think in between I was really desperate. We (especially Katrin) wanted to have all perfect and best plan. But you can plan not all and you must sometimes disregard opinions and expectations of family and friends and just do it how you want to make it yourself. Then, the day is also perfect.

What DIY Tip can you give our readers?

And on the subject of DIY: you must at some point (approximately 4 months before the date) pull out of Pinterest and the blogs. Otherwise it becomes insane by the constant new input. Just Pinterest shows very many styled shoots from the United States, which are simply not to implement in our homeland, without professionals with an average central European wedding budget. So 1-2 DIY ideas find out at the beginning and then you can do that in all rest and care. Guaranteed good looks. With appropriate talent, it can be even more, but then you need the support of family and friends in any case. (My great maid Sylvia had to swing the hot glue gun the day before the wedding, because I still uuuunbedingt wanted to finish 10 honeycomb balls and a pennant, held without the uuuuunmöglich that would celebrate something can 😉 – exactly one should strongly avoid…)

Speaking of Bunting. You must not necessarily sew with the sewing machine. Quite frankly: after the Festival so what ends up quite often in the bin. So a residual (E.g. old curtains), string and a hot glue gun range’s. Make a template out of cardboard for the pennant. Best 2 triangles with the ends together. Transfer (goes well with pencil) the double triangles on the fabric and cut out. Then put the cord in a double triangle (where the triangles converge at the), give some glue on the cord, triangle squeeze (caution! Can be hot!), the first pennant is ready! With this technique, for very little money you can make they long chains, that will be very good just for large spaces and outdoor in bushes and trees.

Again, what would you do?

Bride: We have a lot of money in the rings and our love and world’s best photographer Rebecca invested. Which are the things that outlast the day and that’s why every single cent.
Groom: Absolutely right. The rings themselves do is one thing that I can recommend to anyone. A great day and one has the feeling of having created something great even (albeit with some help J)

And what no longer or change?

Actually, I would engage more service providers and particularly make sure that these are specialised on weddings. Honestly, it is a real pleasure people together to work with, which also total class weddings and at the same time are professionals in their field. This increases the anticipation and calmed down immensely if you know: that’s why we need to worry more, running.And indeed, it is often so that the self is not cheaper than to hire a professional.