Between Weddings, Births and Much Gossip

Without doubt, this has been a very movidito week in the world of the cuore. We had all been and have. But, above all, we have had many famous giving us news of all kinds, from the wedding of Anne Hathaway to everything you can see below in this new summary of the best of Poprosa.

Mini-celebrities in sight!

News related to the mini-celebrities have not been made wait. Thus we have…

  • Marching a girl for Drew Barrymore!
  • Shakira says, we will have Mini-pique!
  • If baby see, baby I want to, or that is to say the former Shakira
  • Mini-celebrity landing! Reese Witherspoon gives birth
  • Beyoncé don’t let her pregnant just like that
  • Carolina Cerezuela and Carlos Moyá, compulsive parents: more, better!!

Among couples go game

How we love Paula Echevarria and David Bustamante, even doing a little clown. But there is more…

  • What caramel Raquel Jimenez and Bisbal we are
  • Tania Llasera, another one who hurries through the Vicarage soon summer
  • Olivia Munn and Alexander Skarsgård… habemus or non habemus tomato?
  • Pilar Rubio, they say, already sleeps on a mattress merengue…
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown not are hooking up without a trace, caught!
  • River Viiperi, the new boyfriend of Paris Hilton, assemble a chicken to freak out in Las Vegas
  • Tom Cruise and Cameron Díaz together: Yes, it must be the day of the innocent

A little bit of tune, please

We put bailongo with music news, begun with Adele already had that desire to hear something new, even if it is the soundtrack for the new movie of KJames Bond.

  • Christina Aguilera knows that having a deadly weekend… came the video of ‘Your Body’!
  • Mónica Naranjo put us fourth and half of fear in his new music video
  • To be perfect to James Franco is missing be musician… to no, wait, that now it is also
  • Celebrities sing ‘Hey Jude’ for a very good cause
  • Which has bundled between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, fight of cats!!

Curious things, missing not!

Do you remember Eva Sannum? As we do, and have done a repasito to what has been her…

  • What was of…? Eva Sannum?
  • Who is it… Allen Leech, the driver who has robbed us of the heart?
  • Fashionistas of the week: we review the modelis from the famous in Paris
  • The famous as Terry Richardson

And so far the new review Poprosa, maybe the next day more gossip the good.