Bernese Wedding Reception And Ceremony At The Lake

A tingling sensation in my stomach at the thought of the day where we mutually may pledging his love before all the guests. You can tell at any sight of this couple. The Bernese wedding reception and wedding ceremony on the Lake by Carina & Daniel wedding photographers Yanic & Susann by Paul loves Paula beautifully documented. This great location do not need much decoration. It acts for himself…

What was the best moment for you on the day of the wedding?

Carina: For me, it was a day full of wonderful emotions and impressions and enjoyed it until the last second. One of the best moments for me was the way home, walking, hand in hand in earlier yet warm morning hour, in the middle of the sleeping city with my fresh angetrautem husband. I was in my wedding dress, he in the fine yarn for two. This was feeling so beautiful… A moment only for us alone – quite intimate.

Daniel: My best moment was when I saw my wife for the first time in a wedding dress. She ran to meet across a large place me and looked even more beautiful than usual. I was literally overwhelmed by this sight. When she was around in the half I could wait no longer and ran towards her.

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?

To schedule sufficient time for the preparation of the bride. We had a large reserve Fortunately, Carina had to do without while the snack before the wedding, was still before the start of the scene. That was close…

What DIY Tip can you give our readers?

Makes only things itself, which you can prepare at an early stage. On the day of the Festival and the day before, we find, should the couple have only time for himself and his guests.

Again, what would you do?

Actually everything as it was. The fate of that gave us a great pair of photographers. We would want to never give this images :). If it is important to have beautiful pictures, the couple looks until you found the right. This is worth!

And what no longer or change?

Preferably, this day could have gone 12 hours longer. So we had more time these beautiful things like conversations for all with guests, eat, drink, dance and party. Unfortunately, unfortunately, this is just a dream.