Basel Wedded Bliss In The Rain

The bride is not worried because of the weather? No matter in which season you get married – the weather can be changeable in our latitudes always. So, it was also on a June day in this summer. The bride and groom Sidonie and Patrick had a wedding ceremony in the garden of the Villa Wenkenhof in Riehen planned. The day had started sunny but from one moment to the other, the weather God had changed his mind and let it really rain. The wedding photographer Céline Mastel noted appropriately sunny moments and then the ‘wedded bliss in the rain”in her pictures…

What was the best moment for you on the day of the wedding?

This was the moment we saw the first look for the first time in the suit and wedding dress. This moment was indescribably beautiful. It was the calm before the storm. We could meet at a forest entrance in full peace and (almost) enjoy togetherness. It took us the nervousness before the ceremony and we have received in addition great pictures (when the weather was still beautiful).

Another great moment was our wedding dance late in the evening on the terrace of the Villa. Our friends and family members gathered in a circle around us and have burned large sparklers.

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?

As we have learned, that a sister of Patrick, due to a major final examination at the ceremony there could be. It was doubly sad because it was planned that she should sing for us at the ceremony. She is a passionate and very talented singer and we knew from the outset that she should sing at our wedding. We could not foresee this incident. We were very sad and like we wanted to move the wedding to another day. Unfortunately, this was no longer possible to 4 months before the wedding. We have found a replacement band, but no one could replace the sister’s place. Nevertheless, we have tried to make the best of it. She had dinner but still a small unplanned usage, what has then the more pleased. We advise to be that despite 100% well thought out planning something can get, what one cannot influence the future couples always taken during the wedding planning. But not too hard to get angry, but is easy to be happy on the day.

What DIY Tip can you give our readers?

For the 5 bridesmaids and the maid of honor, we have filled paper bags with useful stuff for the wedding day (deodorant, hand cream, chewing gum, drinks etc.). As a highlight, we have designed a bracelet for you. These we have in a cute box set and complemented with a slogan. Each of this box was labeled with the respective name. The joy was huge and the girls could not believe that the bracelets all crafted made. The template was a picture of Pinterest. We wanted to order the bracelets but not on Etsy but myself tinker. We have found all the parts in a craft store (leather strap, one stone, closure, cardboard boxes, paper and bags). Most have just pulled the chain and worn them all day.

In addition, each of you has received a personalized coat hanger. This was labeled in no time with her name and super still can be used after the wedding.

Again, what would you do?

Keep the number of guests to a manageable degree. On the wedding day, you can experience so much different, and there are so many great moments. The more people there are, the more there is to see, the more people will undoubtedly congratulate the bride and groom. We have decided to organize separate receptions for our work friends. So only our closest friends and family members were on the wedding day, we have enjoyed then all the more.

And what no longer or change?

We have decided that our photographer should be only until the beginning of the evening programme with Celine Mastel. We didn’t want that in the small and family round someone else to push. In hindsight we wanted she would have been here. We have individual pictures of the evening, but of which you may have not enough. They are the memories you have more years then available. Also you must not worry, because you can give a professional outside person photography.