Bahrain Tourist Guide

Holidays in Bahrain can be safely attributed to an elite trip: a combination of a high level of service, comfortable hotels and restaurants fragrant with spices, clean beaches and a small number of tourists allows you to completely relax and surrender to the power of idle bliss on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

The leading tour operator in Bahrain offers unique individual tours that allow you to plunge into the fairy tale of the East, enjoy the beauty of Manama and the coolness of Sheiks beach, dive to the bottom of the bay in search of treasures, and then warm up under the warm rays of the sun on the territory of an exclusive hotel complex the Havarna archipelago.

Tours to Bahrain are distinguished by an affordable price (subject to advance booking), a variety of recreation programs, chic shopping and unusual excursions to the lands of the country’s emir. Departure from Moscow and many cities of Russia, visa-free regime (only an invitation-voucher from the hotel is needed) make traveling deep into the East more attractive, pleasant and comfortable.

Currency: Bahraini dinar (BD) equal to 1000 fils

Language: The official language is Arabic. English, Farsi and Urdu

The Kingdom of Bahrain , the only island state in the Arab world and located in the Persian Gulf, got its name from the Arabic word meaning “two seas”. It is believed that this refers to the Persian Gulf as a salty sea, and to the colossal reserves of groundwater, as a fresh sea.
The archipelago includes one large island (Bahrain, about 50 by 16 km) and 32 small islands of various sizes (Al-Muharraq, Sitra, Umm an-Naasan, Jeddah, Khawar, etc.). Bahrain is connected to the Arabian Peninsula by the King Fahd Causeway bridge, about 25 km long. The total area of ​​the archipelago is 665 sq. km.

Modern Bahrain was known during the ancient civilizations of the East as the “Garden of Eden”. Many even tend to think that it was here that the biblical Garden of Eden was located. Also, Bahrain has been known since ancient times as a center of trade. In the oases, the peasants grew date palm and other fruits, as well as fodder crops and vegetables, bred sheep, goats, cattle and chickens. The population was engaged in the construction of single-masted ships and the extraction of pearls.

However, all these types of economic activity receded into the background after oil was found in 1932 and the exploitation of oil fields began. In 1935 the first oil refinery was built.

The capital is Manama.

The climate is transitional from tropical to subtropical, maritime. The average temperature in winter is about +17°C, in summer +33-37°C, while during the day the temperature can rise to +26°C in winter and +42-45°C in summer. The best time to visit the country is from mid-October to mid-March.

How to get there. Direct flight to the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain – Manama by regular flights of Gulf Air. It is carried out 3 times a week. Travel time 4.5 hours. Or by transit flights – by Emirates or Qatar Airways with a transfer in Dubai or Doha, respectively, the total travel time will be 6-7 hours.

Population. 1,214,705 people.

The state religion of the country is Islam.

Visa. Upon arrival, the cost is $15.

Features of stay in the country.
Of all the Islamic countries in the region, Bahrain is perhaps the most liberal. Here, unlike neighboring states, the sale of alcohol is allowed. Many modern bars and restaurants offering various alcoholic drinks. But it is impossible to carry alcohol down the street in the open, without packaging. Moreover, you should not drink alcohol in public places. Photographs of the emir’s residences should not be taken, and photography is also prohibited in most mosques. When photographing local residents, be sure to ask permission.

Holidays and weekends.
There are holidays with fixed dates in the country – December 16 (the date of the adoption of the constitution), February 16 – the Day of the Nation.; January 1 – New Year; and Holidays with a changing date, which are also universally celebrated and are days off: Eid Al Fitr – the Muslim holiday of breaking the fast, is celebrated after the end of Ramadan; Eid Al Adha – the Muslim holiday of sacrifice; New Year according to the Muslim calendar; Birthday of the Prophet (Milad an Nabi). Ramadan is the month of Muslim fasting, during which it is forbidden from sunrise to sunset (from about 05.00 to 18.30) to eat, drink, smoke, have fun. If you decide to travel during this time, then you can dine only on the territory of the hotel.
On holidays, government offices, banks, and most shops are closed.

Beaches. Bahrain has both public and private beaches, where you can also practice water sports such as kitesurfing or paddleboarding. All of them are paid, but well equipped. Umbrellas, sun loungers, showers and changing cabins are waiting for you. The gentle entry into the water makes the beaches of Bahrain ideal for families with children. At the moment, there are 11 hotels in Bahrain that own the beaches of the first line, most of them belong to world-famous hotel chains.

Customs. Duty-free import is allowed: cigarettes – 200 pieces; cigars – 50 pcs.; tobacco – 250 g; perfumery products – 250 ml; strong drinks – 1 l; beer – 6 cans. The import of raw or imitation pearls is prohibited; counterfeit coins; any drugs; printed publications, video and audio cassettes of an obscene and subversive nature; wheat flour; double-edged knives, daggers. The export of goods purchased at the local market is not limited.

To call from Russia to Bahrain: 8-10-973 + area code + phone number;
To call from Bahrain to Russia: 007 + area code + subscriber number.

Emergency phone numbers:
Unified Rescue Service: 999
Russian Embassy in Bahrain
Embassy in Manama: Bahrain, Manama, POBox No. 26612 Phones: (8-10-973) 72-5222

Bahrain Tourist Guide