Australia Immigration Regulations

Australia fans who want to emigrate to Australia for a time or forever have a very good chance if they meet the minimum immigration requirements. Even so, the Australian authorities are very picky about approving immigration applications.

Australia immigration

Australian Embassies

In Germany:
Australian Embassy
Wallstrasse 76-79
10179 Berlin
Tel.: 030 – 88 00 88 – 0 (Fax: – 210)
Tel. Visa information service:
Mon – Thu 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.,
Fri 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Tel.: 030 – 700 129 129
E-Mail: [email protected]

In Austria:
Australian Embassy
Mattiellistrasse 2-4
A 1040 Wien
Tel.: 01- 506740
Fax: 01-504 11 78
E-mail: [email protected]

In Switzerland:
Australian Consulate-General
Chemins des Fins 2
Case Postale 172
1211 Geneva 19
Tel.: 022 799 9100
Fax: 022 799 9178
E-Mail: [email protected]

Diplomatic missions in Australia

Embassy of Germany
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
119 Empire Circuit
Yarralumla, ACT 2600
Tel.: +61 2 62 70 19 11
E-Mail: [email protected]

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
13 Trelawney Street
Woollahra, NSW 2025
Tel: +61 2 9328 7733
E-Mail: [email protected]

Embassy of Austria
12 Talbot Street
Forrest, ACT 2603
Australia / Australia
Tel: +61 2629515 33
Email: [email protected]

Embassy of Switzerland
7, Melbourne Avenue
Forrest, ACT 2603
Tel.: 0061 2 6162 8400
Fax: 0061 2 6273 3428
E-Mail: [email protected]

Since the scope of the formalities is quite unmanageable, most people interested in emigrating choose an immigration agent in order to simplify the administrative stress that one has to deal with before one is even shortlisted for immigration candidates.

Immigration opportunities

Working Holiday Visa 417

With a Working Holiday Visa 417, young people between the ages of 18 and 30 can vacation or work in Australia for up to one year and possibly extend it for 1 year. The cost of this visa is AUD 440.

Skilled Migration Visa 186, 189, 190

Anyone wishing to emigrate via Skilled Migration 186, 189, 190 must be younger than 45 years old, usually have completed vocational training or a university degree and have sufficient work experience, and should have a good command of English. The profession you have learned must either be sought urgently in Australia or you need a job with an Australian employer. Cost: AUD 3,670.

Business Visa 890

Business people can settle in Australia on a business visa. The business visa 890 (permanent) requires that you have previously lived in the country with another visa (temporary) for at least 12 months in the last 2 years. In addition, you should have been running a business in Australia for 2 years. Cost: AUD 2,225.

Further information on the various types of business visas can be found at or directly from the embassy.

Retirement Visa 405

Financially independent retirees aged 55 and over (partner may be younger) with no dependents in their household can stay in Australia for up to 4 years on an Investor Retirement Visa 405 (cost A $ 500 and A $ 12,990 per applicant) if they have a long-term investment (A $ 750,000) in Australia.

Another requirement is to have an income of at least A $ 65,000 per year. With this visa you can work up to 20 hours a week. Before the 4 years of validity expire, you can extend it for a further 4 years, whereby additional requirements may be required.

Partner visa 820 and 801

If you have a partner who is an Australian citizen with whom you have a sincere relationship and share your life, then you can apply for this partner visa. The cost for this partner visa is 7,000 AUD, plus everything else that is required (doctor, legalizations, certificate of good conduct, etc.).

All specific information on the partner visa for Australia can be found on the DIMIA website. You can also download the application forms there. The following must be submitted:

  • Form 47SP – with extensive information about yourself
  • Form 40SP – must be completed by your Australian partner
  • Passports – certified copies of you and your partner
  • Photos – two per person
  • Marriage certificate – if you are married
  • Evidence of your relationship – if you are not married
  • written explanation of the history of your relationship (whether married or not)
  • Two written statements from Australian acquaintances who support your relationship
  • Results of health checks – you have to take an X-ray (everything together costs a few hundred dollars!)
  • Police clearance certificate – get it in Germany (in Australia you have to go to the German consulate)
  • Form 80 – again briefly about the two of you
  • the last two tax certificates from your Australian partner – he is your sponsor and has to prove that he can support you financially!

When you submit the complete application for the partner visa, you will receive a ” Bridging Visa “. You can then initially stay until your application has been processed (around 6 months). During this time you can work, study and register with a health insurance company.

If your partner visa has been approved for the time being, you should then stay in Australia permanently for the next two years, if possible. If you want to get out even temporarily, you have to apply for it! For the final decision on your Australian partner visa, your relationship will be examined again after two years. If everything is okay, you will get “ Permanent Residence ” status.

If the partnership no longer exists after the visa has been applied for, under special circumstances the visa may still be successfully issued. To do this, however, the embassy must first be informed in writing.

Australia Immigration Regulations

Immigration Service – Immigration Assistance

An experienced immigration worker saves time, nerves and sometimes even money. Below we would like to introduce two agencies that offer professional advice and representation on visa and immigration matters for Australia.

Johannes Kunz Migration Services UG

The service of the agency Johannes Kunz Migration Services UG usually begins with a consultation. This conversation is primarily about working out the best strategy for a visa application that suits the respective situation and the individual plans and wishes together. For this purpose, all necessary information is collected before the consultation appointment in order to be able to research in detail the right visa options according to the current legal situation. In addition to checking the individual visa requirements, the research also includes strategies for professional recognition procedures (“Skills Assessment”) as well as for sponsorships and nominations by Australian states.

During the consultation, all possible options will be explained in detail, the applicable fees of the Australian authorities will be communicated, a fixed price will be given for any representation of the migration service and all other questions will be answered. Consultations can be held either in person, via Skype or by phone.

After the assignment, the agency takes over the complete handling of all procedural steps before the respective immigration authorities.

Sydney Migration International GmbH

The team at Sydney Migration International GmbH will help you with commitment and passion to apply for the best Australian visa for you.

Sydney Migration International GmbH stands for partnership and personal cooperation with perspectives that create solutions for customers.

Personal advice has top priority. As the leading emigration advice center for Australia, the team at Sydney Migration International GmbH has been offering state-recognized advice (§1 (1) AuswSG) since 2010 and support you in obtaining your visa for Australia or in the context of emigration in Germany and Australia in German.

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