Attractions in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo – Sri Lanka: countless sights and South Asian flair

Those who spend their holidays in Sri Lanka cannot avoid the capital Colombo. The 800,000-inhabitant city, which is located on a peninsula off the coast of the beautiful island state in the middle of the Indian Ocean, offers a lot of South Asian flair in addition to its numerous sights. Bandaranaike International Airport is about 35 kilometers north of Colombo, the only international airport in the country. This is regularly served by the major airlines. Colombo also has one of the largest ports in Asia.

Colombo: dream beaches in the south of the city

The Colombo region is characterized above all by its great diversity. In the south of the city, about half an hour’s drive from the city center, there are numerous palm-fringed dream beaches on the so-called “Gold Coast”. Those looking for relaxation and beach holidaymakers will get their money’s worth in the small towns of Negombo and Wadduwa, among others. Water sports enthusiasts from all over the world will also find perfect conditions here. A real paradise for surfers is Hikkaduwa Beach, which is also only a few kilometers south of Colombo. A breathtaking insight into the fascinating underwater world of the country can be found off the coast of the Indian Ocean while snorkeling and diving.

Fascinating landmarks: twin towers and “Great Mosque”

Colombo is a city with an incredible number of facets. The metropolis offers an extremely exciting mix of history and modernity. The symbol of Colombo are the 152-meter-high twin towers of the World Trade Center in the city’s historic district. The 40-story towers, like the nearby world-famous Bank of Ceylon, are among the most photographed buildings in Sri Lanka. In the historical quarter, the so-called fort quarter, there is also the official residence of the president and the old parliament of Sri Lanka. Colombo is also famous for its large number of mosques, temples and churches. One of the most important sights of the city is the historical mosque “Jami Ul Alfar” in the bazaar area Pettah. The mosque, built in 1909, is characterized by Moorish architecture. Also not to be missed is the impressive “Gangaramaya” temple complex on Lake Beira, which divides the city into two parts. The “Great Mosque”, which opened in 1505, is also a must for visitors to Colombo. The oldest mosque in the country offers a total of 20,000 worshipers. If you want to learn more about the eventful history of Sri Lanka, you should definitely visit the National Museum in Colombo. The best time to travel to Colombo is the winter months from January to March. During this time, the southwest coast of Sri Lanka has very pleasant temperatures with values ​​of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, the probability of precipitation during this time is low.

Attractions in Colombo, Sri Lanka