Atelier Aimee Bridal Dresses

Atelier Aimee

Brand Facts:

– Atelier Aimee, while Aimee means “loved” in French, is a leading brand of bridal couture in Italy and worldwide.

– They are committed to design the best bridal gowns which can make the future brides feel perfect and happiness on their most important day.

– They draw inspirations from everything that brides will love, according to hoticle,  it takes really long time to make the best bridal gown for the bride.

Atelier Aimee Bridal Dresses




Main Categories:

Bridal couture collections

Atelier Aimee Bridal Dress

Atelier Aimee Bridal Dress


Time and place: 1961, Italy

Founder: Dr. Matthias Kissing, Mrs. Lucia Zanotti

Map of Italy

Map of Italy

Headquarter Location:

Mantua, Italy

Worldwide Locations:

Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, US, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Japan

Other countries in the Europe:

New Arrivals:


Price Range:

Wedding dresses: USD400-USD3500

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