Ask That It Doesn’t Rain on Your Wedding Is a Thing of The Past, as of Today Is to Alter The Clouds

I am not married but I have had live magic (stress) around friends and family who have taken this important step in their lives, which means months, even years of planning with the respective hours without sleep and The improvisational factor If it is coming out something not according to plan.

One of those factors that it seeks to prevent is the rain, of course, always and when performing outdoor event free, therefore always is planned during a time of year that has no threatening clouds which of course increases the cost and availability. But what would happen if we had the possibility of eliminating all these clouds and have a dream wedding even in rainy season?, because this is what have promised us this new service.

A perfect sunny day in any season of the year

This possibility arises due to a company dedicated to the Organization of events and name luxury travel Oliver’s Travels, who just announced this new service that you can hire as part of packages for weddings, for the moment only in France, where they guarantee that it will not rain During that day.

The service you have called “explosion of clouds” It consists of sending several small planes a day before the event to “sow” silver iodide to which moisture condenses in the cloud, causing rain and further these are dispersed, guaranteeing (according to them) in a 100% a sky cleared the next day.

That Yes, There are restrictions in this regard, for example, you have to hire the service with up to 3 weeks in advance, does not cover natural phenomena large as hurricanes or tornadoes, and the place chosen for the event must be at least 50 kilometers away from any type of airport to ensure the manoeuvres.

Of course the hiring of this add-on package to the event is not anything cheap, since if we wish to play God we have to disburse almost 200 thousand dollars, that is what it costs the recruitment of meteorologists, aircraft and pilots.

This type of mechanisms are already being used in cities countries like China where weather caused by clouds affect weekdays, but above all seeks to avoid accidents or tragedies by rain or snow. So far we are talking about evidence, nothing that was authorized, so it’s interesting to see how a commercial company has adopted it to offer it as a service, see if in the future more companies or cities develop it for other types of applications.