Anne Bowen Bridal Couture

Anne Bowen

Brand Facts:

– Anne Bowen’s wedding dresses can well display the inner confidence and personality of women by their designs.

– Anne Bowen got inspirations from her mother, and her designs are often simple for the outline with delicate structure and often matched with jewelries and diamonds.

– Anne Bowen’s gowns are popular among the celebrities, for that she can well master of luxury and sophistication.

Anne Bowen Wedding Dress

Anne Bowen Wedding Dress




Main Categories:

Wedding gowns, accessories

Anne Bowen Bridal Couture


Time and place: 1999, US

Founder: Anne Bowen

Headquarter Location:

New York, US

Worldwide Locations:

US, UK, Ireland, Korea and other EU countries (countryaah)

Map of European Union

Map of European Union

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Price Range:

Wedding dresses: USD137.5-USD968

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