Amoureux! Happily In Love… Love Story of Bulles De Savon Photography

Just today for Valentine’s day I must necessarily show this sweet, cute photo love story. Claire & Thomas are happy in love for 10 years. Claire wanted to celebrate their joint anniversary in a special way. When she had seen all the wonderful pictures of the photographer couple Eliana and Jean-Christophe of bulles de savon on their Web page, it happened to them. Exactly what it was. She then planned to implement a common Paarshooting with their favorite Thomas.

On a Sunday in February, exactly one day before their actual anniversary to the tenth year of joint, they met nearby Marseille to this romantic photo shoot with picnic. Claire had let let themselves and even professional make-up and hair done and also do not take it to tinker a bit. While it cut to wonderful red hearts as photo props. To bring even more to the fore their funny nature, she had pasted on also have a tattoo with red heart himself. The motto of the joint anniversary celebrations were the Red hearts.

Claire is comedienne and she is used to stand in front of the camera. Her boyfriend Thomas but not at all. He needed time to feel secure. Also the photographer has contributed to much Eliana by their sensitive nature and their warmth. But as you can see Yes yourselves, are wonderful memories from this, which keep emerged for the two it for your whole life!

Photographer: Eliana and Jean-Christophe of bulles de savon, France
Hair & Make-Up: Lisa Keuchguerian for m l
Temporary tattoos: MiY made in you for Our site.

Why treat such professional photos are not people? Whether one is in love, pregnant, since an eternity together or married, or also as a single, it incurred memorabilia at this stage of a life. Looking these pictures then later again in a photo book, framed, mounted, as a screen saver or otherwise in a way again and again, perhaps together with the new boyfriend, with children or with your great love.

The former musician Eliana and Jean-Christophe exchanged their instruments against her new passion against cameras some time ago. Also, much to the delight of their neighbors. Now they show their creativity in their individual photo reportages, which enrich them with much humor, poetry and dreams and make so personally, they are unique for each. Merci beaucoup the French photographer couple Eliana et Jean-Christophe for this radiant love photo gallery!

So perhaps you are celebrating Yes next Valentine’s day simply with a photo shoot. Or just today an appointment with your desire photographer. If you would now like to ask someone, but don’t know which fits photographer or photographer for you, I like to help you along.

Then I wish a wonderful day now with more heart and much love!