Among British Awards, Announcements of Weddings and Relationships… and Much Gossip!

This week, no doubt, today’s celebrities has a British accent. And this week we’ve had, neither more nor less than three large carpets red for those lares. That Yes, we have also had the most interesting news for all lovers of the gossip, so you can not miss the new summary of the best of Poprosa.

Between red carpet ride game

  • Go Parade of outfits in the BRIT Awards 2014
  • And became the Elle Style Awards with outfits of different sceneries
  • The 2014 Bafta Awards, celebrities strong tread the red carpet
  • Brangelina does know to tread the red carpet at the Bafta Awards 2014
  • The awards Bafta 2014: men in the red carpet also know to match

Things for couples…

  • But what about? What do you Blanca Suarez y Dani Martin could be bundled?
  • Maybe it will be that Blanca Suarez y Dani Martín already morrean in public, turns the life-giving!
  • And Miguel Angel Silvestre not telling or mu, Blanca puts watery eyes
  • Miguel Angel Silvestre and Blanca Suárez, of crisis in crisis and shot because I’m
  • Yes, Yes, Yes, Christina Aguilera said yes
  • Adriana Ugarte and Álex González, do reconciliation in sight?
  • Emily Blunt, happier than a Partridge with that of being a MOM for the first time
  • Put a mature in your life and smiles, like the Olsen twins
  • But… would Hilary Duff not be divorced?
  • But what apes Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato with Noah at Disneyland
  • Face Delevingne, Michelle Rodríguez, and that special friendship
  • Could Heidi Klum and Seal reconciliation there be? I’m dead
  • Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto striding the onion: dead me quedo!
  • How? Leighton Meester is married and not the invitation came to me
  • Ay Bisbi, as getting caught Mario Casas…
  • Confirmed, Megan Fox already has at home to their new churumbel…

And new blogger in sight!

We finish off the review of the topicality of the week with ELSA Pataky and its announcement that it is now blogger. It remains to be seen what tells.

  • ELSA Pataky is another that makes us the competition and gets us blogger