7 Types of Souvenirs That Every Guest Wants to Win

Let’s agree that the most delicious subject about marriage is the souvenirs, because simple as they are, everyone is pleased and delights at the same time. After all, there is nothing more sweet than marrying your wedding with a mime that represents and brings good memories of the most special day of your life.

For the guests it is no different, they prestige the moment, but the delivery of the souvenirs is the most awaited by them.

We selected below 7 types of souvenirs that every guest wants to win. So stay tuned in to choose your souvenirs and hit hard!

1 – Homemade Sweets

They are charming, delicious and cute. That simple! And there is no wonder in the world to win a treat of this, because despite enjoying the sweet, the guest still keeps the pot as a souvenir of the wedding.

2 – Sneaker

This treat is cute and who is the guest who does not want to win? Although beautiful brings much comfort to the feet, as the guests want to rock the skeleton all night and nothing better than a sneaker to seize the moment.

3 – Mini Bottle With Drink

Guests love it when it comes to drinking, especially when they are at the party. And there’s nothing better than taking a little of the party home. Mini bottles of wisky, wine or beer are a good bet!

4 – Necessaire

 Every self-respecting woman loves to always dress up. One thing you need to put on makeup is what they like! How about gifting your guests with a beautiful necessarie? It is a kind of durable and super useful souvenir.

5 – Custom Cups

They are beautiful and useful for the use and will even serve to decorate the bar of room in the house of the guests.

6 – Box With Sweets

I find it difficult for someone to say that they do not like sweets, especially those who are invited to a wedding. The box with sweets is a good suggestion, because for the guests the boxes can serve as a jewelry holder.

7 – Mugs

There is nothing better than to thank the guests for a simple, cute and useful souvenir. Personalized mugs are great and all the guests will love receiving them. Click here to buy: Waterbottlesshop.