6 Things You may Not Know Gown by Grace Kelly Marries

The April 19, 1956, exactly 60 years ago, the world stopped to admire the most beautiful fairy tale wedding that has ever been told: at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Monaco, Grace Kelly , famous Hollywood actress, married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. A dream wedding, which still makes us bring tears to the eyes: their unforgettable love story, unfortunately ended tragically with the actress’ death in a car accident, the unforgettable Grace dress. On the day of their wedding anniversary, here is a series of trivia related to a wedding dress that still makes us dream with open eyes.

1. Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose, MGM.

  1. The dress was composed of a top with attached under a bodice and a support for the skirt, to which were connected two overlapping skirts.
  2. Grace He Added dress a hat, a veil, a pair of shoes and a book of prayers set of pearls.
  3. The wedding dress of Kate Middleton inspired by the bridal dress.
  4. From 1 April to 21 May 2006 it was exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: was the most visited exposition.
  5. The dress was given to the bride by MGM studios.