19 Airbnb Destinations That We Would Love to Rent to Hold a Wedding (Or The Best of The Holidays)

Organize your wedding or event with your family and friends is one of the most exciting trouble in your life. There are so many things that decide, both for organizing, dresses that look, food taste and, ah, of course, don’t forget to look for the perfect setting for that day to be unforgettable.

We have selected a number of accommodations on Airbnb, a very popular website all over the world: mansions, castles, historic houses, etc. So you can see all the possibilities you have at your disposal.

1. the Dairsie Castle, Scotland

You’ll feel like the protagonist of a real romantic novel or a historical film. And you even can you suggest your guy who dares to wear a kilt. Dairsie Castle is not only an amazing castle outside, also is full of romantic corners, the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.

From 578 euros approx. overnight and up to 13 guests.

2. the Borgia Castle, Italy

We have all seen too many movies set in Tuscany to not want to spend a few days of dream in that area or turn it into the perfect setting for one of our most special day. In addition, this fabulous Castle is not only spectacular, also It has a Lake on the property and exquisite gardens. From 1,100 euros approx. overnight and up to 13 guests.

3. a historic villa in Crete

A beautiful mansion in the middle of nature, a local food as blue as the sky and good pool… else you can request so that everything goes as you want for your wedding? And the best thing is that this wonderful historic place It is located in the middle of the island, the perfect starting point to explore it. From 186 euros approx. overnight and up to fifteen guests.

4 villa Delenia, Greece

An event with hippy flair? You can celebrate at this accommodation with views of the Aegean Sea a wedding to the Mamma Mía or the casual and fun event that you were dreaming. It is ranked number forty the most appreciated establishments in the web.

From 500 euros approx. overnight and up to sixteen guests.

5.-Masia Cal Mingo, Spain

A dream scenario with all the colors of the Mediterranean Sea at your service. And giving the perfect tone to all the pictures of your event. And not only is only fifteen minutes away from the best beaches of Sitges, also is close to Barcelona Airport. Masia Cal Mingo is a perfect location to bring your loved ones together. From 1,250 euros approx. per night and up to sixteen guests.

6 Indrani Lodge, Belgium

Your wedding, he moved to the year 1400, or at least, a historic enclave in which you will feel as if you have traveled back in time. Indrani Lodge is a farm located near Brussels surrounded by a five-acre garden, a beautiful landscape and even an indoor pool in which splashing when everything is finished. From 1,500 euros approx. per night and up to nine guests.

7 OceanView, United States

With spectacular views of Catalina Island and surrounded by lush greenery, the OceanView farm is ideal for those looking for a place to hold an event safe from prying and in the sunny California. From 1,231 euros approx. overnight and up to sixteen guests.

8. a mansion in the countryside, United Kingdom

A wedding at the Downtown Abbey. Or an event to play mystery novels and recreate the atmosphere of the stories of Agatha Christie. This 16th-century mansion located near the small town of Cannington. From 1.447 euros approx. overnight and up to sixteen guests.

9. Château de Landreville, France

Make true your fantasies and become a Princess for a day in this 17TH-century castle, with their chandeliers, his tapestries and his antique furniture. But without giving up the currencies, because the Château de Landreville has Wifi and everything else you need to leave your event to perfection and you can have it live to the world.

10 Belle Tents Camping, United Kingdom

Celebrate a wedding the most rural, Bohemian and a gipsy touch in this camp full of rural charm, but without giving up the comforts possible. Essential: to escape from the heels. From 397 euro throughout the campground overnight and sixteen people.

11. peaceful villa, Costa Rica

Organize an event in a scenario of the Caribbean, surrounded by the lush jungle and with the sea of blue Sapphire in the background. Although in this luxurious mansion, newly renovated, also you can have a pool view and with all the comforts of accommodation five-star. From 994 euros approx. night.

12 Seminyak Villa, Bali

If you dream of an exotic wedding, away from the rest of the world and with the paradise as a backdrop, this villa located just a few steps from the beach can be the ideal place. And so close to the area’s restaurants and local, when the ceremony is finished you can start there same honeymoon. From 586 euros approx. overnight and capacity for diciseis people.

13.-Butley Priory, United Kingdom

The most romantic events can be held in the most romantic buildings. As this monastery, a true masterpiece of architecture from the 14th century, or the incredible gardens that surround you.

From 810 euros approx. night and for up to 15 guests.

14 Amiral de la Font, Spain

An experience that you will never forget. Located in a privileged spot, this accommodation is perfect for celebrate your life in it. From 2429 euros approx. overnight and up to sixteen people.

15 Nanuku Levu, Fiji

If your love is so, so special that the only thing you want is escape to a desert island, You can also organize it. Or if, on the other hand, what you want is lots of space to invite everyone, you can find a small island to book in Fiji. From 2,000 euros approx. night.

16 Headfort House, Ireland

A stately event deserves a scenario according to your aspirations. In addition, if book this mansion, with more than 70 bedrooms, You can stay there all the guests, Although only named up to sixteen guests. From 1,200 euros approx. night.

17 House boys, Mexico

A corner of paradise only for you two. Or to share with your loved ones. Decoration, more special, a spectacular views and all the comforts you can imagine put the icing on the cake for this accommodation will become the number one of your ideal destinations.

From 398 euros approx. night and accommodate up to eight guests.

18. a colonial style, Bolivia mansion

In Cartagena you can book this spectacular mansion with private pool and wonderful views. Perfect to organize a private event and enjoy a few drinks in the evening, while watching the entire city at your feet. From 663 euros approx. overnight and up to fifteen guests.

19. the Casa del Mar, Costa Rica

You won’t ever forget an event overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This exclusive villa also allows you to enjoy the scenery so much if you are outside as inside, because its glass facade will allow you to not miss a thing. Given 1.498 euros approx. overnight and up to fifteen people.

Main photo | Borgia Castle