Winter Wedding Bouquet

A winter bouquet can be composed of wooden flowers, pinecones, crystals and obviously fresh and dried flowers. Can be more than a simple bouquet, but a gem to be preserved over time and with which to decorate their homes.

The winter wedding allows you to create floral arrangements. There are many women who snub the winter because they fear the cold and especially of not being able to set up your own ceremony with class. Error! This season has its own charm and can give insights really very pleasant.

Be inspired to a magic world, as the small villages of Northern Europe a few days after Christmas. You can choose to use white, silver and blue as primary colors and use the Green, typical of pine branches, to create garlands and festoons with which enrich the Church and lunch location. And the bouquet? Don’t worry, it will be great with help of the site.

It is useless to get flowers out of season because they could not tolerate the cold and, of course, fade in the course of your day.

The bride’s bouquet for a winter wedding

  • Wooden Flower Bouquet.They are delicious and there are carvings so sophisticated as to look like works of art. Also, it can be colored and glitterati.
  • Bouquet with pinecones and fresh flowers.As you can see from our photo galleries, the cones are an important element of decorum, even for the bride’s bouquet. You might think of a bunch of topics or use this decoration to embellish the bride’s flowers (mixed with roses and gerberas are lovely).
  • Dried flower.A great classic and elegant thoughts. The dried flowers are extremely expensive, but you can guarantee a romantic bouquet.
  • Bouquet jewel.Your flowers might be maybe jewelry with Swarovski crystals or Murano glass paintings. Is a valid alternative for the chic bride.