What to Wear to a Civil Marriage Ceremony

For marriage in civil hall, especially when it happens in a registry office or with a simple ceremony, the best alternative is to opt for more discrete looks. Although this type of marriage doesn’t ask the sophistication of wedding dress traditional and elegant dresses for invited and bridesmaids, the wedding looks can and should be marked, after all this is a very special moment.

Many brides and still are invited in doubt than to use this type of ceremony, so I selected some looks tips for civil marriage.

Brides: Looks to civil marriage

Many women still prefer the dress, even in simple ceremonies. If the marriage takes place during the day, the best alternative is to opt for dress that reaches the knees. The models of wedding dresses most commonly used in weddings in the calendar are those who have income and other types of more subtle details. marriages in civil performed overnight permit the use of long with little volume.

When choosing a wedding dress color for marriage has no civil rule. White is not mandatory, but still remains as the first choice of most women. The most modern brides who do not want to wear white on that day, the tip is to bet in nude tones and delicate colors like blue, green and light pink.

Accessories are also very important in looks to civil marriage. If the wedding is followed by a lunch or celebration, for example, the bride can bet on a delicate tiara in more discreet earrings and necklaces, and even in a discreet bouquet.

Invited and Godmothers: Looks to civil marriage

The invited and godmothers of this type of marriage that is simpler, can use more discreet, colorful and light dresses. However, long they are not suitable for this type of ceremony. The ideal is to bet on more short dresses and even the knee. In addition, white is prohibited!

The guests and bridesmaids can only wear dresses for civil wedding defined by Hyperrestaurant? No. In this type of ceremony is allowed to use other parts besides the dress, as sets of skirt and shirt, skirt with blazer, slacks with shirt. The only tip is to avoid jeans and knit, since it is a formal and special event.

Among the looks to get married at the civil tailored pants are very popular with the guests and bridesmaids. Such shoes can be combined with more modern causal shirt and a jacket. Accessories of the guests and bridesmaids should also be more discreet. Just be careful not to overdo the colors and details, since it is a simple wedding.

Remember, despite being a civil marriage, it is a very special moment, so require the use of clothes more formal.

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