What to Wear for Summer Wedding

A summer wedding requires care in choosing the costume.

Although it is suitable for shorter clothes, remember that the wedding, even in summer, is still an occasion that calls for a certain formality.

In choosing the clothes, you have to take into consideration some factors such as the period when the wedding will be held (day or night), the tone of the skin and, sometimes, the demands or requests of the bride and groom.

Outfits for summer wedding

For the bridesmaids and guests, the trick is very simple: it’s not your big day, but it is also possible and allowed to shine – don’t call more attention than the bride!

When we think of a wedding in the summer, we think in cheerful colors, floral prints and lightweight fabrics. These tips can be taken into account by all the time to get dressed.

Split up some tips and ideas for clothes to wear at a wedding in the summer. Check out!

Clothes for brides

The wedding is the most important day in the life of many women.

Find the ideal dress is not always an easy task, so we chose 5 gorgeous models and to inspire your summer wedding.

All models are made of very light fabrics, providing harmony and comfort to the look of the bride.

The laces are always welcome, after all, they are classic in a marriage.

In summer, you can leave out those dresses extremely long, heavy and worked and bet on shorter models and delicate.

To balance, if you choose a longer model, can opt for very thin straps or strapless.

Clothes for the bridesmaids

Short dresses are the face of summer, are not the face of a marriage.

The bridesmaids can be more comfortable, but should not overreact. Dresses with knee-length length or a few centimeters above are democratic and fall right for all people. In a summer wedding, they are most welcome.

When choosing the color of your dress, take into account the color of your skin. So the dress chosen will help enhance and highlight your beauty. This tip also applies to the other guests.

Avoid using black, white or colors very close to black and white (too light or too dark).

Let’s check out some appropriate models for the day:

From left to right:

  1. Bright colors are the face of the summer. The dress in coral color with high waist and pleats are elegant and ideal for the occasion.
  2. Print pattern also fits with the summer, but not too much attention. The dress has a straighter, leaving the most delicate and discreet.
  3. Floral prints are very welcome on a summer wedding. The yellow dress with white flowers is a great choice for the bridesmaids.
  4. A super delicate lace dress in green water is the fourth model. Discreet and elegant, will let any godmother

Now, let’s check Homosociety out some classic models, suitable for the night:

In the colors Blue, green and purple, these are 3 dresses very classic and elegant, ideal for the bridesmaids who like to adopt a more serious and sober.

Clothes for the guests

Light and neutral colors that compliment the wedding colors are the colors that are ideal for the clothes of the guests, however, are also allowed to dare and bet on brighter colors, since we’re in the summer.

Let’s check some ideas:

The above models are indicated for the day, they are lighter and more relaxed than the dresses used in weddings conducted during the night.

The colors vary. We see two printed models and a flat model. Although they are quite different, all are great choices for a summer wedding.

The above models are indicated for both day and night. Are a little more formal than the previous, so get in the way and fall right in two periods.

As already mentioned the lace is always welcome and enhances the beauty of any woman!

The above models are more classic, ideal for the more conservative women or who simply love this style.

As we’re talking about a wedding in the summer, although the models are classics, the ideal is to not let the look too heavy. You can get it with more neutral colors and clear, with prints or patterns that break a little the seriousness and with accessories that help to balance the look.