What to Wear at a Wedding on the Beach – Looks for Grooms and Guests

Marriages performed on the beach are increasingly popular in the last few years I have received dozens of comments and emails requesting help in choosing the look for the event, but don’t blame the indecisive, this type of ceremony can tell some of the nuances that can completely change the type of clothing to be used, see some examples below:

What to Wear at a Wedding on the Beach – Looks for Grooms and Guests

1 – Wedding walk in the sand

Is the one held on the beach, with the bride and groom closer to the water and the guests accommodated in chairs just behind, looking out to sea. In this case the clothes must be the lightest possible, since most of the time there is no protection against the sun, in addition, we have the problem of sand entering the shoes.

What the groom can use: The most advisable is that the groom choose a suit of course, of a fabric as well as light as linen, cotton or seersucker (anarruga) of silk, a cotton shirt, a casual shoes and a tie to give a touch of class. There are those who choose the vest outfit instead of the jacket, and often the change gives right!

The guests can use: guests will follow the dress code imposed by the bride and groom, but to relieve the bar of who will attend your ceremony it is best not to be too dour, and leave the casual wear enter the scene. Linen trousers, a cotton shirt and a docksider or a sandal of leather are good options for this scenario.

Colors of clothes: the shades present in the scenario and its various shades are greatly appreciated in the clothes for this type of marriage, then beige, white, off-white, green, blue and brown are some of the options for creating a look light and relaxed.

Fabrics suitable: lightweight cotton, linen and anarruga.

Appropriate footwear: loafers, boat shoes and oxfords casual, to look more aligned. If the bride and groom opt for something extremely casual, running shoes, light canvas tones and leather sandals are options.

Accessories: the necktie is the most suitable for the groom, mostly in shades alive and well, joyful, but is not mandatory, a handkerchief in the pocket of the blazer can be more charm, and the hats are suitable, but must be taken at the time of the ceremony. Some bracelets of beads or made of leather can add a touch of cool to the look,

Dress code liberal: the bride and groom opt for a costume more relaxing, with him using a pair of good light, a gown or linen shirt and a white tennis shoes or docksider. The guests can even swap the pants for shorts in a light shade of cotton or twill, if your hosts do not oppose this, of course.


2 – Marriage in front of the beach

Some people just forget to say that the wedding will not be exactly on the beach, but in a house facing the sea, with a lawn and some paved areas, this may cause some confusion with those who expect an event unglued and end up going to informal too much, since you just enter a little bit of the continent to that the costumes will change slightly.

What the groom can use: here it is already possible to wear a suit of cotton more full bodied, but nothing that is going to do to pass heat. Linen is still a good fabric for the suit and the shirts may have some standard very discreet and relaxed. As the foot of the young man will not sink in the sand, the shoes can be more classudos as an oxford, derby, or loafer leather with a beautiful gloss.

The guests can use: A tailored trousers lightweight combined with a shirt clear of trim perfect used on the inside of the pants; and on the feet shoes light as top-siders and loafers. The sandals are left out here.

Colors of clothes: in this case we can have some more sober colors like light gray or brown, but the palette of beige, yellow, green, and blue is still present.

Suitable shoes: oxfords and derbys are choices well-behaved, and the boat shoes are more relaxed, and the climate is nautical, which combines with the landscape.

Accessories: the hat is still a nice feature to protect from the sun, just remember to take it at the right time, flowers or small arrangements on the lapel of the groom leave the look more cool and cheerful, the belts require special attention, the host must be made of leather, with matching shoes; the of the guests can be more casual, canvas or laces, but the leather rustic may also work.

Dress code liberal: the groom wears a suit of course, cotton as well lightweight or linen, combined with a t-shirt, V-neck, white and basic, wearing a sneaker type slip-on white. The guests are more comfortable wearing pants linen shirts and comfortable on the outside, in addition to footwear such as top-siders, moccasins, or sneakers similar to that of the groom.


3 – Marriage in a closed place, with a view to the sea

When someone says they will get married on a beach, just imagine the typical wedding movie, with the pulpit in the sand, flanked by arrangements made with tropical flowers. But we have already received many messages from people who claimed to be in doubt, because the event will be held in a hall, club or restaurant with a view of the sea and only the photos of the bride and groom would be made outside, on the beach.

What the groom can use: the location makes the occasion a little less informal, takes advantage of the landscape, but the environment (often air-conditioned) allows for something more elegant like a suit of wool, cold light gray, medium gray, brown, beige or navy, following to the letter the dress code of a wedding in the city during the day. The tie may have more sober colors, but some nautical theme to not lose the relaxed atmosphere.

The guests can use: the customs of wool, the cold of light colors or shades closed, and sober, following the dress code of the wedding day.

Colors of clothes: ash, marine, browns and beiges make up the palette of both the bride and groom, and guests. The touch of color is on account of the handkerchiefs and ties.

Suitable shoes: oxfords and derbys for a classic look, loafers and brogues can be used if the dress code is more casual.

Accessories: Cufflinks, handkerchiefs in the pocket and flowers on the lapel are all elements that give value to the visual. A beautiful watch here you can make all the difference.

Dress code casual: this is true only for the guests, that can merge parts of casual to more formal. The blazer is still required, but can come with a pair of chino or jeans, understated, the shirts may have a small plaid, checkered, or floral print, delicate floral, the shoes can be suede, and not so serious.


Here are some more pictures with ideas of suits for beach weddings:

Additional tips

  • Many events of this type start day and end the night, depending on the time of year, the temperature can drop, so it is a good idea to bring a blazer in case it happens;
  • When the ceremony is to walk in the sand and the party occurs at a location nearby, such as a house facing the sea, a club or a restaurant, you dress for the beach, no matter if once you will be in a closed environment;
  • Godparents and the parents of the bride and groom should dress as close as possible to the costume of the groom, even though the other guests are much more casual and relaxed;
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen if you are staying in a discovery area, the sunshine coast is inclement!