What does the Father of the Bride Have to Do

Typically the bride and mother of the bride have a key role in the organization of marriage, but also the fathers of the bride and groom can make their contribution, in particular that of the bride. Once it was the exact opposite: all the organization of the ceremony was entrusted to the bride’s father who was concerned about the dowry, approved (or disapproved of) the daughter’s boyfriend and gave consent to marriage.
Today things have changed but the role of the father of the bride is still relevant for the wedding day. Let us see what exactly the father of the bride on this day.

1. Accompany the bride at the altar
From a symbolic point of view, is the most important task of the whole ceremony. The only man in the bride’s life until that moment will entrust his little girl to another man who will love and respect just like he did. The bride comes into the Church (or shared) to the left of his dad and you will stand on his arm to walk this short but exciting way. Arrived at the altar, the father will give a kiss to his beautiful daughter and will deliver his hand to her future husband.
For brides who unfortunately cannot get dad on this great occasion, they usually ask a family member or close friend of the family particularly attached, which surely will be honored to take the place of the father.

2. Handle guests
Organizational and less emotional task is the management of guests: from the end of the ceremony until the arrival of the location, is the father of the bride that provides driving directions, which collects all the guests and encourages them on departure. Don’t forget the photos in front of the Church with friends and family, the father should be the benchmark to manage all of them. Try PayHelpCenter for wedding dresses.

3. The first toast with speech
For the toast, etiquette requires a precise ceremonial: after cutting the cake the bride’s father will call attention to himself and he will make his speech good wishes addressed to the newlyweds. It is better that the speech may not be improvised in order to avoid inconveniences caused by too much emotion, especially if you are not used to speaking in public; for this reason we recommend to prepare the speech during the previous days!

4. Dance with daughter
Open the dances! Music sticks and now the fun begins for all the guests, but first there are ritual dances: the bride and groom begin the dance with their first dance, after which the groom dances with his mother while the bride dances with her father. This is another really poignant and symbolic moment where the two huddle in a long and tender embrace in front of all the guests. The choice of the song for the first dance is essential to make unique and intimate now!