What Demand to an Exclusive and Personalised Service of Wedding Invitations? Informal Wedding Invitation

If you are a person detailed, the design of the invitations and entries of your wedding It will be a pleasurable activity. Either toothache if you know how want you it but the graphic designer does not capture your idea. To make everything perfect must find a professional that offers a exclusive and global service.

Of course, there are the formal invitations, of which we will discuss shortly in our special weddings luxury, although they are not the style chosen by a large majority of grooms. Do not choose a design that departs entirely from the formal ballots in italic calligraphy and text is strictly necessary is to lack of style.

The participation of informal wedding

Although I’m going to earn a rebuke by some parents and in-laws, the style wedding You must define it: is your wedding. Yes the formal invitations you think the best reflection of your idea as a couple, later. There are very beautiful, are a classic, and you can also adapt them to a more current air.

Are you a casual couple, young, modern, or hippie spirit? For adapter your lifestyle to the wedding. If you want to you can do it, you have to convey that feeling to the wedding set. But, be careful: casual does not mean childish and there is plenty of that in the catalogs of invitations.

How is a personalized service of graphic design for your celebration

Customization, exclusivity and style: they are the three basic points that would require the professional that you took my wedding invitations. The best is a meeting between face to face the bride and groom and designer, the best way to convey your ideas and that he or she captures them, absorb them in order to develop the creative proposal.

Because it is a creation, does it create a perfume or a tailored suit. Exchange ideas and desires, they outlined on paper (i.e. a, there are various media such as paper, fabric, table) and presented to the customer. Catalogs serve only so you can see how it works the professional that you have chosen, to arise and give you ideas. The second meeting or the presentation of the models must be made exclusively for you.

The designer must engage in all aspects and details to 100%, you must choose among models that have made only for you, no copies of previously prepared idea. The final decision is yours and not accept any that you do not thrill: a invitation only tell your story. If more meetings or new proposals, which are required to be.

Not just wedding invitations

Not you contentes with the participation of wedding of your dreams. There are dozens of details that you can add to service both before the wedding and for the great day of the ceremony. I liked the idea of the cones where to carry rice or the petals of flowers (hand or pockets) or the custom posters you indicate you’re going on the right track to the place of the banquet (bottom photo).

A detail there post-wedding that always made less: the gratitude. The traditional business card of bride and groom placed at the foot of the cups on the table of the wedding feast I don’t like anything. Why not send a few words of thanks and complicity with business card once you have returned from the? Honeymoon? Family members and guests are also much involved in a wedding. Desire that yours is a resounding success.

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