Wedding Locations-The Big Search: Villa

Today, I will show you the first location of our series of especially beautiful and not on the first click-to-find wedding venues. I have limited myself to three favorites. Of course, I am aware that there are many other beautiful places. I look forward, if you share with us your own favorites. Who knows, maybe still more posts to follow, or we could create a directory for future brides.

Villa Griswolden in Luzern (LU)

Sea, mountain and city views! This place is truly magical. Need I say more?Maybe you have realized this location already in the preview image and Googled it. Then, I very much hope that this House, no this villa, knocked you out of the socks. In particular the views can increase a breath.

If you were still not sooo curious, I give love to one of the most beautiful Festival in Switzerland you.

In my imagination, I see a beautiful garden party. It has a pool, a very well maintained and beautiful planting, that almost does the decoration work, five bedrooms, a kitchen and plenty of privacy with swing.

Size of the room. Ambience | Decoration options

Because it is a Villa can be rented, one is almost completely free in the design. But the effort will make a lot bigger. Is negative at a wedding? I don’t think so. Hardly a description does justice to this place. The rooms are of absolute madness, because even if it should rain on the wedding, this location offers numerous photo backdrop. I’d even think every photographer’s dream, to get such a scene.

A free wedding ceremony on the estate is almost a must if you can here treat yourself a party. According to the landlady, the capacity is about 50-60 people. Music outside the home can be played up to 22:00. Then you must but like to party further in the Villa. Putting up a tent for a larger company is allowed.

Service | Information | Price & performance

Because it is not a restaurant you can freely worry to his liking to the culinary dominance. You can choose a low-cost variant and make an acquaintance who is cooking or you select a catering according to your wishes. There is a kitchen separated from the room.

You can immediately book the nights. For this are 5 rooms in the Villa available. So you can enjoy just a beautiful brunch the next morning – with sea, mountain and city views! Well, what do you think? Would this be something for you?