Wedding Locations-The Big Search: Art Nouveau Kurhaus

Did you maybe find your Traumlocation at the hotel Guarda Val? If not, I’ve got you a more beautiful and unique locality, which necessarily have to get to know you…

Kurhaus (GR) Bergün

So down to Earth as festive, as romantic as conservative, so luxurious as relaxed-so it can celebrate. Extraordinarily beautiful health resort of Bergün lies surrounded by high mountain ranges. After long renovation of the entire property, in particular the Rose Hall has become a true gem with its distinctive pale blue ceiling. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, here can be celebrated at any time of the year.

Size of the room. Ambience | Decoration options

What should you do? Rarely to never, I’ve seen a room for one hundred people who at the same time place (230 m2) and beautiful looks. Nothing to do with gym or improvised part of hotel. It is a space like in the fairy tale. The room alone, with his beautiful art nouveau and the pale blue ceiling is almost decoration enough. Also not often seen a location that can keep up with such light. Look at the wood floor, at the latest, it is done to you. If you want still carpet on his wedding pictures? There is a real downer but it can be applied to any decoration in the home-protected area. Personally it doesn’t bother me but in such a backdrop at all. According to the motto – simply adorable!

Service | Information location | Price & performance

Luxury combined with a relaxed staff. Exactly what one seeks for the wedding and finds in the Kurhaus in Bergün. The kitchen very much like going on the performances of the bride and groom a. The cooking is regional and seasonal. The glazed shoulder roasts up to the Osso Bucco you will find everything everything desires wedding heart. The prices are of course Swiss, but quite reasonable and fair. The drink can be enjoyed outside in fine weather in the Park. And because the whole day is so much fun, there’s no time limit in the Kurhaus in Bergün. Her dances in so long into the night, as you like. The night surcharge is more than human with 100 CHF per hour as of 2: 00. After a memorable day and a long ceremony, the newlyweds in a rooms offered by the hotel to rest must settle.

It was also our last location among the three favorites. Do you like more inspiration and ideas for wedding locations in Switzerland? Then check out our Pinterest Board . Means your, your PostFinance should not be missed and is not listed with us, then necessarily write us an E-Mail to Our site.