Wedding Hairstyles Princess

For brides more romantic, the princess hairstyle is the best choice, perfect to complete the wedding look with a touch of unique style. If you choose a large suit, perhaps even with a princess cut, as not combine it with a hairstyle elegant and sophisticated? For a regal look, there are many solutions, from crops high in her hair, the secret is in the choice of accessories with which to decorate the crown. Discover with us what hairstyle suits your wedding look and stylishly crowned your dream of love.

Hair for the royal wedding

How to recognize a ‘hairstyle princess? Recurring items, in general, are the tiara or crown, the clips precious and complexity of the work. Very often you opt for a massive style, you have the loose or collected hair. The hairstyle princess fairy tale is the most classic harvest, high or low . Recommended for girls with a round face and not over-stretched, the crop top will give you a very neat appearance, a chignon or weaves elaborate and voluminous, with both the perfect veil is a beautiful precious crown. The low harvest, however, gives it a retro touch, remember the hairstyles to Grace Kelly, so sophisticated and chic. The advice is to combine it with light clips, which give prominence to your complexion.

Semiraccolto: ideas retro and modern ideas

If the collected hairstyles there are suitable, opt without delay to the semiraccolto, good middle way between plot and loose hair , also raised by the beautiful Kate Middleton during their wedding gifts.

The semiraccolto is suitable for you who has long hair and those who have average cuts, add volume to the hair and will allow you to pick any with accessories precious. A much loved by brides trend in recent years is the braid, soft or collection, which gives a romantic touch to the look and allows you to be in order for the whole day. Another type of semiraccolto, very modern, is the tail, lower or side. To make it worthy of a princess, though, you’ll have to give it a little ‘volume, is curling her hair over her shoulders, either by inflating the upper part adhering to the head, perhaps enriching it all with a beautiful tiara.

hair loose and voluminous

Finally, for those who prefer a more natural look but still elegant, the hair loose is a nice trend 2015-2016 and, attired properly, allow you to show off a fairytale look. The advice is to have recourse to a rough style, with wide and soft curls on her shoulders, held back by a crown or a tiara with rhinestones.