Wedding Guest Etiquette What to Wear

The wedding dresses are very beautiful, but be careful with the choice: not all are suitable to the event which we must attend. It exists, even for guests at the wedding, an etiquette or simple rules of good taste to follow. The retrace all that you may be flawless. I recommend it, well let go a bit ‘of creativity. There is absolutely no need to be too rigid or formal.The first thing you have to do is read the details of the call: if it says is pleasing to the ‘dark suits, means that it is a very elegant ceremony.

Wedding Guest Etiquette What to Wear

Some spouses also give also indications of another kind: wear your hat,long dress, the tuxedo. You do not have to do is ensure compatibility.Unfortunately, the rules dictate the couple and sometimes do not even realize what they are exaggerated.

  • Colors

By now you know, blacks dresses are prohibited (especially for men) and the white dress, also in accessories. Moreover, we must avoid all too flashy colors, such as bright red and fluorescent colors. Not even dare purple, some superstitious could give a lot of discomfort. While they are the perfect pastel shades such as green, turquoise, pink, beige, but also blue or deep pink. Those who love floral patterns, located on this occasion his moment of glory.

  • Lengths and necklines

The right choice is a dress to the knee, the classic cocktail. The etiquette also admits the pants for ladies. The long, however should be worn only at evening receptions or if specifically requested by the couple. However, the rule is to avoid it in a ceremony that takes place in the morning. I commend myself to necklines, are not tasteful neither before nor behind: the shoulders, especially in the church, should always be covered: bring a shawl or a shrug.

  • The accessories

Decorate your look with accessories is really a fun touch. This year we are allowed long necklaces, perhaps with the pearls, but also luccicose pins even to stop a stole. Very nice, even the clutch combined with a nice pair of gloves (shorts). As for the hair, however, there is a separate discussion. In some ceremonies is a must, because it specifically requested, otherwise wear it only if the wedding takes place in the morning. Then do not overdo it. You need not look like a Christmas tree: remember that elegance is synonymous with sobriety.