Wedding Dresses Truly Zac Posen

Curious to see the new gowns Truly Zac Posen 2016? Then here’s your collection! Sophistication, elegance, flair and panache of this new collection, designed for a glamorous and romantic wedding 2016. Lace, tulle, silk and lots of fabrics for a look that is truly original and unique wedding party.

Those who love the wedding Truly Zac Posen, cannot fail to love even the 2016 collection that paraded last April 2015 at New York Bridal Week.

Based on a wedding style whimsical and eclectic, collection designer 2016 issued for new experiments that alternate with the hyper-classical models, designed for a bride who is Queen of the time.
And it is precisely the contrast the main feature of this new bridal collection 2016, when the vintage intersects the Futurist, with innovative and original cuts.

Sweetheart Necklines and more classic range alternate with profound and daring necklines; Siren models and some 50 years give way to wide ruched tulle and satin on wide skirts.

The white virginal, finally, alternates with the champagne color to black and dark florals, without ever falling into obvious or simplistic. Delicious red Cardinal ofMermaid wedding dress designed for those who love marriages “in strong colors.”
In short, this new fantasy of clothes designed by Truly Zac Posen for 2016 is really varied and, as a potpourri of different models and different styles that adapt to the different personalities of the women, following bridal fashion tastes and great creativity 2016.
You want to see the whole collection Truly Zac Posen 2016? Then all you have to do is “peep” photo gallery with her designs are truly unique!