Wedding Dresses from the World

Wedding dresses from the world? Here are seven traditional clothes of other cultures! The white wedding dress is typical of Western culture, but in reality there are many traditional wedding dresses from other cultures and countries. If you are curious discover in this article the traditions around the world regarding the wedding dress!

The bride in India
The Indian wedding dresses are very unique and often brides do henna temporary tattoos for the feast. In India most northerly, the wedding dress is traditionally the Red sari, a long tunic paired with precious fabrics in bright colours and enriched by embroideries and accessories such as stones and crystals.

The bride in China
The Chinese bride traditionally wears Red: this is the colour is a symbol of love, prosperity and good fortune. Today some brides more daring opt for more Western-style red dresses.

The bride in Tibet
The bride wears colorful clothes traditional Tibetan, accessories and hair ornaments that are sent by the groom and his family.

The bride in Indonesia
In Indonesia, the bride wears a colorful dress with a golden headdress typical precious. Typical custom is that women who become wives wear the kebaya, a traditional kind of blouse and batik.

La sposa in Japan
Thetraditional Japanese wedding dress is the kimono: the brides will wear different during the ceremony, starting from the most classic white.

The bride in Algeria
In Algeria, the wedding dress is truly unique: typical is the traditional bridal costume of the city of Tlemcen, a dress that requires a lot of work to package it. This traditional wedding dress symbolizes the encounter of different religions and cultures, which over the centuries have coexisted in the territory.

The bride in Ghana
The bride wears the traditional Ghanaian Kente cloth, a precious from very bright colors that create geometric patterns.

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