Wedding Dresses Franc Sarabia

Here is the new collection of wedding dresses, Franc Sarabia 2016. Gifts, elegant, sober lines and sinuous, here they are in all their beauty directly from the catalog of Franc Sarabia 2016.

Made entirely in Spain, but now also sold in Italy, the wedding dresses of Franc Sarabia 2016 are an elegance and breathtaking beauty.

The Chantilly lace and soft lines and sinuous patterns are used with extreme class: ideal for a bride of the past but looking to the future, these new wedding dresses are all signed by Franc Sarabia and Manu Alvarez.

It’s a very romantic wedding collection, rich in important trains like those worn by the divas of the past: “Cathedral”, Imperial and shorter, as the aftermath Watteau.

Models of skirts are mainly siren and corolla, while bodices are close to my heart and dress to enhance your bust and cleavage of the bride.

Absolutely white without other shades of ivory and cream, Franc sarabia 2016 collection boasts lavish gold application instead of important and Byzantine, silver and bronze. Imperial call is guaranteed from cuttings Empire and inspired gifts belts almost at Greek goddesses.

Let’s see it all in its various models, this new collection of designer wedding gowns 2016 Franc Sarabia!