Wedding Decor Dictionary

Among the wedding preparations is one that never fails floral decoration. Here’s a short glossary for not getting lost in a sea of ​​specialized words.

Wedding Decor Dictionary

The floral decoration is a very important part of a wedding and know what it ‘s called everything in the floral decoration of your wedding will be very useful both for ideas and inspiration to ask for your floral designer budget. So we have prepared this small glossary with which facilitate your task.

  • Bridal bouquet

It can be a thousand kinds, composed of many different flowers but the most important thing is to go with your style, your dress and your wedding. It is the perfect complement.

  • Bouquet bridesmaids

If you have, it is an option with your own bouquet can be a simpler version of yours or one other thing in common with yours.

  • Boutonnière or pinned

It is the floral motif men carrying important role in the wedding: godfather, father, best men and groom, of course. See more wedding glossaries on Digopaul.

  • corsage

It is a floral bracelet that avoids having to carry bouquet and is used for both bridesmaids to the bride.

  • Crown of flowers

One of the headgear most fashionable for the bride and for the young ladies of honor.

  • pomander

floral spheres perfect for decorating every corner of the wedding, from the ceremony to the banquet.

  • floral bow

It is often used as an altar under which want to be yes, although sometimes also used for the entrance of the church by then will honeymooners.

  • Carpet of petals

Which it is usually the one that leads you to the altar at weddings outdoors, especially.

  • Wreath 

You can hang the chairs at the ceremony, the tables at the banquet or special corners of your day.


  • Centerpiece

Usually they decorate the banquet tables and can be only floral compositions or combined with other materials and elements.