Wedding Brooches for Hair

The wedding hairstyles chic boho always earn more successful in recent years, simple or very complex hairstyle perfect in combination with wedding dresses inspired by the same mood. First choice especially of the younger, the hairstyles of this type can be made ​​in collected form, semiraccolte or with loose hair, adding inserts a floral theme.
Boho chic hairstyles bride hair loose

Chic boho style brings together the elements of fashion bohemian and hippie, with strong accents inspired by the 70s, why wreaths with flowers and brooches are big protagonists in these hairstyles. In the field of wedding hairstyles to loose hair , the hairstyle of this type are the most popular in recent years, as you can see by browsing the pictures of our photo gallery.

Perfect in conjunction with wedding dresses in lace from seventies style, hairstyles with loose hair can be made ​​with smooth bends, moves, or curly, look to complete with circles more or less subtle, but also with bands tulle or lace, with simple pins with roses on a side of the head or with more eccentric crowns to be filled with flowers in different colors.

Collected hairstyles and semiraccolte boho chic

Equally interesting ideas in the field of wedding hairstyles with semiraccolti hair and collected. The hairstyles gathered with chignon can be fixed to the base of the head or the neck, alternating swirls games and more complex plots and securing wires with floral decorations between the strands. The wedding brooches are those more properly aligned to this style, hairstyles mock “disorderly” in which the strands are left free the true stars.

You can bet on asymmetrical hairstyles fixed only one side of the head or of nodes and more complex cotonate code.

Very nice also the hairstyles with braids: classic braids or French would be improved characteristics thanks to floral inlays, crowns to be fixed on the forehead or on the head or big applications with calle or single rose on one side only. Even semiraccolti with braids around her head and curls loose at the base can give your bridal look more feminine and refined touch.

Browse all of boho chic wedding hairstyles images that we have selected in our photo gallery, which is the one that best meets your personal style?