Vs. Bride Bridesmaids-Combat Dress

What if the bridesmaids suddenly go by the throat? Not looks nice on the photos, right? If possible, I recommend to avoid this. But how? It is now just the way, that you eventually lands on the ground during the wedding planning. And then? Yes, you must find a solution once again. And I promise you – this is the solution!

You can not deny that from the United States, photos, with the three to five bridesmaids look just perfect. Complete the photo! There are great

pictures of clothing, the bouquets, shoes, etc. don’t forget but there are some points where you can fail! Either way women have figures – many different figures, women have feet – even two that are hardly identical – and then has each still x any toe shapes, women even have ideas – many hundreds! And hey, I can admit it here, I was not very good friends whom I could give this role.Therefore, it puts you over! It clears up for you in the first place, whether it should be the same dress, same color, same shoes for all. I say unto you, it is not necessary! And I must honestly say I think it’s almost boring. There are however women with character, you may very well know, on whose taste you should trust. So pretend but at best one or two color directions and let’s choose the lovely bridesmaids even. You will be happy – most of the time!

As this example shows, that’s the bride is not always the ideas, that something is complicated! A bride from Bern has annoyed me recently and also a little sad tells that a low point has been reached in the planning of your wedding as well. She said the bridesmaids, it would be nice if the colors of the dresses would be equivalent to the color theme of the wedding. The first women were already aghast because they wanted to be bridesmaids, only under the condition that all would wear the same dress. The others said it must have the same color, and still others hoped to finance the complete equipment. Yes – please believe us if we could plant money, we would have paid you all “equipment” also hairstyle, Make-Up and manicure! Unfortunately, unfortunately, these extremely popular money trees are entered into years ago and died out thus until further notice! Well, it’s that the cousins, the ladies and the Sisters of the bride in completely different directions to want to pull and go a no compromise. The flexible bride standing in the middle and on both arms and legs back and torn. That hurts! And without arms a strapless dress looks just so terrible one with straps. Also, the bridal gown also not more beautiful falls when the legs are pulled out one. Yes, you might well say, you can save yourself the crinoline – but we want that? NO! The conclusion so, please, please, if the bride is already very much room and is ready for almost anything, making her not life difficult. Supports the brides, coming from your way, compromise is. Because as I said, no one wants the photos with bridesmaids who hang themselves each other by the throat. You will even marry and be happy about it, to be able to follow a simple path.