Valentine’s Day-What Women Really Want…

Red Roses, chocolates in heart shape and pre-printed oaths of love. All “lovingly” packed by the Kioskfrau… Love / Romance industry makes it easy for our men on Valentine’s day. And many of them can draw along the keel water of kitsch advertising around the day of love. Unfortunately! Because it is what we want, love women? A 0815-sign of love from the supermarket shelf.Quickly get on the way home. Because as “expected”?

Dear men, let it be said unto you:

Red Roses-are beautiful, but something of… (Moment… I must yawn…) laaaangweilig…

Chocolates in heart shape-taste rarely to never be as good as an it chocolate.

Pre-printed oaths of love-men? Really?!

What we want is exciting, unique, full of emotion! We want you to jump over your shadow. Your insides turn outwards and shows us that your all really doing everything for us. We want to spend valuable time with you.Experiencing unique things with you. And: we want you to listen to us! Then you get with namely the allusions that we do year in, year out again and again.Then you see the fence post, with which we vigorously waving… And suddenly no longer so difficult you serve.

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  • What was the most beautiful gift you get for Valentine’s day or given away?Like you can’t let participate in our readers and us with a comment of your happiness.


We have published a survey on this topic. We would be happy, if you have time just to answer our three questions about Valentine’s day: