Types of White Wedding Dress

When we listen to wedding and wedding in a same sentence, there is one color that is comes to head automatically: white. But when it comes to dresses and the rough world of textiles, not all whites are white.

Types of White Wedding Dress

There are several variants, some more subtle to others, and no doubt there are some shades of white that can best with certain shades of skin than others. Choose your white wedding dress in summerdressesstore.

Pure or Bright White

Whiter whites, is easier to get it in synthetic fibers. Looks spectacular on skins Brunettes or dark, however, in a clearer complexion will make the bride look is pale.

Natural White or Diamond

This is whiter tone between natural textiles, it looks a step less bright than pure white. Just this last the same equation of a must respect darker skin, better look this shade of white.


This is a warm color with a slight tendency towards the yellow, referred to commonly as creamy.It is flattering to almost all types of skin, but especially with a little more pink faces.


It is white with discreet shades of gold and pink. Ideal for skins tanned, apinonadas and olive-colored.

White Ice

This is a shade of white of cold temperature, with subtle blue and gray scales. It is not recommended for skins too white, but it is perfect for skins with a tendency towards yellow.


It is a very clear coffee nuances, like the sand color. It looks especially good skin clear.

Pale Colours

Dressed in a lighter hue of a color such as green, pink, blue or other, so pale it is nearly white. It is a way to subtly break with tradition and risk in your big day.