Tips on Ties

Hello friends,

Today’s post is dedicated to grooms and godparents, after all they also deserve special attention on the big day.

The theme are tips on ties, and to help clear up those doubts we’ve talked to the expert company Egravatas on that subject!

Egravatas has more than 25 years of experience, besides the modern gravatar that combines style and quality, they have the largest variety of ties and all are designed by specialists in the men’s fashion segment.

In addition, it is one of Lejour’s main partners when it comes to grooms and groomsmen, so together we create a promotional code that gives 9% off.To access this special condition is fast and easy, at the moment of your purchase just place the discount coupon LEJOUR9 in your cart and ready, you can enjoy the style and elegance of any tie.

Questions and answers:

Lejour: What are the most chosen neckties for grooms and godparents?

Egravatas: Neckties in silver, off-white and white are the most traditional in marriage and remain high, but some colors like tiffany blue and royal have gained more and more space.

Lejour: What’s the trend in ties?

Egravatas: For the most funky weddings the grooms and godparents have opted for butterflies ties.

Lejour: How to wear Swarovski crystal on the groom’s tie?

Egravatas: The grooms can have small and discreet Swarovski crystals to give a special touch on the tie on a special day.


Gaby Tosi