Tips on How to Save on Your Wedding

Organize an economic marriage is certainly a challenge, but remember that it is not impossible. Let us then with you some advice to try to save some ‘but still hold a great feast that will be unforgettable for the newlyweds and their guests. We know that the costs of the most often are really exaggerated wedding: catering, dresses, wedding favors, locations and much more. If you think to organize a party like you always dreamed to serve tens of thousands of Euros you are wrong! Let’s see how!

Catering and venue for wedding budget

If the rent of an old villa costs too much, our advice for Magyar well without into debt it is to choose a farm. For the same price on a farm you will have the security of a simple and genuine cuisine rather than rely on some poor catering. In this case we advise you to travel with a lot ‘in advance also to avoid no place: the houses are very popular by young couples who usually prefer the ones who also have an outdoor area.

The favors for the economic marriage

Buy favors in store, as well as bags of confetti, it would definitely cost you dearly. Why not ask as a wedding gift for an aunt or grandmother to pack the bags for you? Simply purchase the cloth, cotton or linen, and then just pack the bags which will close with a satin ribbon. For bridal gowns instead, again to save money, you can opt for a gourmet product, such as jams, to be packaged alone. Arrange them in large baskets that decorerete with wildflowers.

Dress cheap wedding but fashionable

No bride, even those with a budget as much as possible, is content with a cheap suit.

To be elegant but you will not spend a lot of money since there are now many outlets of wedding dresses where to find the perfect model for you. If bets to a dress that you can wear again, what do you think of entrusting the great companies? Again, however, betting on corporate outlets where you can find, for example, an evening gown in powder pink Alberta Ferretti to 80% of the full price ! You can find unique and discounted accessories also on Internet sites such as Yoox.

Economic marriage saving ideas

An idea to save on the cost of the photographer would be to ask, as a wedding gift to a friend who loves photography to create for you a photo report of the event and give each table a disposable camera so have a nice memory with pictures taken by the guests. Same thing for the trick: with a few basic products you can create the perfect bridal makeup well alone. Attention only to the hairstyle in this case better to rely to a hairdresser to prevent your bun collapses in the middle of the ceremony!

At the start the course to organize an economic marriage but perfect

You dream of organizing a perfect wedding without wedding planner and above all save a lot ‘of pennies? In Milan opens the first course addressed to brides who want to organize their own wedding itself without of course sacrificing style and taste. Held on during the wedding planner Susanna Rossi, which emphasizes that “the wedding planner is a professional who does not always fall in the dating budget, but it is possible to arrange a classy wedding without it, you just know how! “. You will learn how to choose the best suppliers but also all the tricks to really save you organize your wedding.