Tips for the Groom’s Great Day

The bride is always a highlight on the day of the wedding, but that’s not why we should forget about the groom, right, it’s also your special time. Thinking about it, I decided to create a special post for the grooms in question because many ask me for a suggestion for this occasion and do not know where to find it.

Well, let’s go for the tips…
Tips for the Groom's Great Day 1
Choosing the groom’s costume
Groom’s clothing is easier to find and does not need so much advance (except when it is tailored), but requires some care. You have to think not only on occasion, but also in climate, time and place.
Comfort is above all. If the groom makes the most basic line, he may not feel comfortable with more modern accessories such as colored ties, suspenders, stamped socks, etc.
Most importantly:
Another thing to be verified is the length of the trouser bar, length of the sleeve, suit trim, width of the necktie with the lapel of the JKT (meaning: AbbreviationFinder), this is primordial to have a wonderful photo and the groom be featured beyond the bride. All this in perfect harmony with certainty the groom and the bride will be the best of the year. 
If the idea is to flee from the conventional, like the black suit and basic colours of shirt, tie and even sock. Vivid colours, prints and accessories are super high in time to compose the groom’s look, blue suits are super fashion this year.
Tips for the Groom's Great Day 2
Good-bye, black suit!
The black suit can be replaced by grey or blue without problems. For weddings during the day or until the end of the afternoon, it is a choice without error, elegant and modern. If the wedding is more informal, it can even combine a colorful jacket but do not exaggerate the prints even though it is informal always take care.
Now, if the wedding is at night, it’s worth betting on a metallized suit in shades of gray, black or navy blue. It’s super elegant and very chic. But that’s a match to the groom’s style, okay? 
Look Total White
It can be a good choice in more stripped weddings, like on the beach or in the countryside, for example. If you’re going to get married on the beach, abandon the suit and tie and invest in a white social shirt along with a jeans. If it is in an open area, such as in a field or on the beach, the white is also welcome and the groom can even wear bow ties, with the matching color with the bride’s bouquet. It’s elegant and bold! Get out of the pattern and look gorgeous!
Tips for the Groom's Great Day 3
If you play in chess 
Chess also marks a presence in shirts, ties and even in the socks. He’s a great way to break the monotony in the groom’s clothing. Knowing choosing, it combines with several shades of shirt, suit “chalk strip”, necktie, etc. Quite a differential, don’t you think?
All are flowers
The flower on the groom’s lapel may also be an idea to break any basic look, but it has to be small if it gets ugly. They can highlight the visual further. It could be a small arrangement with natural flowers or even a handmade craft, of course.
Here’s some pictures for you who seek inspirations for this wardrobe and very important!