They Dare Partner In Crime

Two have found themselves again. Jasmine & Joel will celebrate wedding in August this year. Their luck stands aside, as they tell us in their love story: “We hope that we can go together as a married couple, unity,”Partner-in-Crime”and best friends through life and his adventures. That we blossom together and again the other to flourish bring.”

You have found me just the right wedding photographer. I am very happy today to show you this beautiful and varied engagement shoot by Phil Wenger. Thanks to his friends, has given Phil of his passion for photography and now delights us with his engagement shoot by Jasmine & Joel. The photo reportage was established in Bern at various locations and with different looks of jasmine & Joel. One or two of the images use them also for your wedding invitation. Look and guess which they could choose!

Where did you meet?

Joel: We have met a common friend’s wedding 15 months ago on August 31, 2013 at one. Jasmin was maid of honor and I invited guest.

After I congratulated the couple, I spoke to them, since they me on straight away in the eye stood out. (do you call it love at first sight?) And so we got to talking and two’s from the outset was exciting and very specifically.

Jasmin: I noticed the large, strong and handsome type on the da immediately the filming was for the bride and groom… Who was he? Why didn’t I know him? 😉

How have you engaged you?

Joel: It’s a long story. Jasmin is a flight attendant and was there from the outset, that I want to surprise her at a destination like my desire and dream.

After much planning, patience, perseverance, cooperation with the Swiss, and friends of mine in New York, I could fly secretly ahead and surprise her in New York City at their favourite spot with the knees. (Photos are also available) It was in a movie, everybody played, she knew nothing at all, I was able to first class flying, that weather played with and it was a really nice experience. Tell the story with the details otherwise like to on the phone. A short film about with me is also in planning. 😉

What you want for the future as a couple?

Jasmine & Joel: We hope that we can go together as a married couple, unity, “Partner-in-Crime” and best friends through life and his adventures. We blossom together and always bring the other to flourish. It’s in the “iGesellschaft” first to the US and to the other concern, then to the I. That we from the common faith in Jesus Christ, who is the Foundation of our relationship, can draw again strength and love to each other to forgive, each other strengths and each other again and again new to love.

When and where to marry her?

Jasmin: We will marry region on August 15, 2015 in the Lake Thun. The wedding was held in a church and then we will celebrate our wedding party in a converted industrial building.

Have you chosen a special theme/theme/style for your wedding?

Jasmine & Joel: No special motto. The evening will be from the converted industrial Hall urban/industry style be moderately marked. We forward a big celebration with lots of friends, family and loved ones to celebrate.

Photographer: Phil Wenger wedding photographer, Thun, Switzerland

Thank you Phil for this great report. Also Jasmin & Joel thank you very much for your consent, the pictures here to show. Of course for sharing your special love story. Merci viumau!