The Perfect Wedding Guest

Are you even flirting with so many wedding invitations? Right now weddings have high season – the nature is blossoming, the temperatures rise and make hope for lukewarm nights. Perfect conditions for an unforgettable wedding! What would be such an event without family, closest friends and work colleagues? For this day to be the most beautiful in the life of the bride and groom, we are particularly important to our guests and should adhere to certain rules.

The Perfect Wedding Guest

And the right behavior starts with the invitation cards. Give prompt notice if you come or not. Otherwise the bridal couple cannot plan the size of the location and the catering properly.
The Right Outfit

Immediately after the pledge for the wedding comes the question of the right look. If the invitation does not contain a garment order, the dress code is up to you. We admit, the outfit question is not quite easy to answer. After all, black and white clothes fall directly out, because black stands for grief and white is reserved for the bride alone. The top priority in choosing clothes is: the bride is the focus. Very short, conspicuously patterned, free-flowing dresses are taboo. But also in somewhat simpler colors and forms, woman can look quite adorable. Wedding dresses are best suited for a wedding: such a classic in blue combined with a cream-colored coat and simple pumps as well as a matching bag looks noble and festive. You can put statements on the wedding outfit with jewelery: for a simple elegance pearl earrings, a reserved dress gets the fine sanding by eye-catching, large jewelery. For men: on weddings, there is a need for a suit! The jacket cannot be removed until the bridegroom has got rid of his jacket.

The Gift

A no less difficult question is what is given to the bride and groom. Remember that it should please both the bridegroom and the bride. As a rule, the invitation reveals what the couple wants. If the bridal couple has a wedding table, inappropriate gifts are avoided and the guests are spared the shopping stress. For this you can score with creative gifts: A self-made photo album of the wedding will surely be remembered forever to the bride and groom.

The Day of the Wedding

Punctuality is the key! On the wedding day, you should definitely plan enough time. Nothing is more embarrassing than bursting into the middle of the ceremony and running through the aisles with clattering high heels .Clearly, the mobile phone must also be switched off! It is not necessary to photograph during the wedding ceremony all the time, nor send mails or messages to the home people. Apropos – usually there is a reason why some old classmates or the former best friend have not been invited. Please keep in mind that surprise guests are absolutely taboo. This is also true if you do not know anyone else at the wedding and in doubt you have to appear there alone.
After the wedding, the congratulations of the newlyweds are congratulated. First, the bride and groom, then their parents are congratulated. If you do not know the parents yet, a brief presentation is perfect when shaking hands.
After the wedding, it is usually directly to the festive location. If you were not so good at the allocation of the place, you should simply sit out the situation – at least as long as eaten. Then you can quickly get in touch with the other guests or go directly to the dance floor. If one of the bride fathers or even the bridegroom asks for a little dance, there is no no. In these cases, you must meet your duty as a good wedding guest – and without grumbling. And then you can danced, laughed and chatted – at best the whole night through.

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