The Look of Naomi Campbell as Guest at The Royal Wedding in Monaco. Breaking The Protocol

The model Naomi Campbell He is also a guest at the Royal Wedding in Monaco which is being held this afternoon in the Principality. You have chosen a long and asymmetrical neckline dress when supposedly it should go short.

As we have discussed on several occasions in Embelezzia, for wedding day (before 19.00 hours) the Protocol requires a dress or short skirt. That is why many suits in such ceremonies are.

Naomi Campbell, always beautiful, is straight and long, green water with embroidered floral clearer. A beautiful dress that has complemented with a stole of the same fabric with long fringes of ivory, clutch in hand. The touch ultra-chic is floral headdress that it looks in the head. What if blame is not been combed with a collected. Anyway, it is splendid.

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