The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Want to choose the wedding dress model for your body type? Know the tips and do not make a mistake in making this important decision!

It’s no use choosing a gorgeous dress model if it does not fit your body. To help you in this quest to be the most beautiful bride in the world, we separate some tips from dresses according to your body so that you find the perfect match.

Remember that it is necessary that you have harmony between the neckline and the skirt, so pay attention to this guide that will guide you in the search for the models of wedding dresses that are ideal for body type. You can even see some pictures of bridal gowns to get inspired, but it’s worth seeing these tips to opt for what suits you best.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Dress

See your body type and the tips to ensure the best wedding dress:

Chubby And Short Brides


Fabrics that arm, as in the case of tulle and organza;

Cutouts and seams that tighten the silhouette of the bride, as they form little touches and wrinkles. It is important that the dress lightly touch the silhouette to disguise the greasy ones;

Horizontal details such as layered skirts, bands and heavy fabrics like satin, taffeta and velvet;

American cavas and single front, as these do not fit well with people with broad shoulders;

Models fair and well glued to the body;

Embroidered dress with buffing sleeves and lace.


Lace bolero, in case you do not feel comfortable with your arms out;

Waist marked because the model helps to sharpen the silhouette and accentuate its curves, but no dress just;

Arms covered, but with a manguinha to disguise;

Models with low waist and long skirt with a discreet tail opening to disguise the wide hips.

Chubby And Tall Bride


Round skirts or bulky dresses;

Very high jump;

Single front and take-it-down.


Straight models with discreet necklines to give the impression of shrinking shoulders;

Fabrics that have good trim because details in transparency cause the impression of less volume;

Fabrics with good trim like crepes and muslin.

Tall And Skinny Bride


Jump too high not to be disproportionate to your fiancé;



Waist marked by a band or belt;

Fabrics like satin, jacquard and shantung;

Different models of neckline for the wedding dress, such as princess neckline, shoulder to shoulder and top that fall super well;

Fair dress style ruffles, draped, turtleneck, mermaid, long tails and armed skirts.

Short And Thin Bride


Very long tail;

Dresses with lots of volume (cake);


Loose hair.


Fabrics with trim that give the impression of “fluidity”, like the lighter fabrics, that is, musseline and silk;

More fit models with discreet tail and wide skirt, formed by the extension of the back of the skirt;

Arrangement of head in high hairstyle and a long veil help elongate the silhouette;

Draped models to sharpen the waist and lengthen the silhouette.

Now it’s easier to find your dress in the wedding dress stores by your body type, do not you think? Then go to your wedding with the best wedding dress for you.