Stylehappchen Meet Up Bern

And it’s good to get a kick in the butt. Otherwise I needed long to find a suitable date for the 1st Stylehäppchen meet up in Bern, Switzerland.

Started from that point where it was decided for the date. To do that just like in the wedding planning. It starts with the guest list. It was clear from the outset: prefer to learn a small number of event and wedding service providers, so they really know each other and exchange ideas.

The list of participants, we continue with the choice of location. For me, it was decisive that it was reachable with public transport. In addition the location should provide a pleasant atmosphere and – because we are all from the industry-be bookable as a wedding location. After various requests and offers, I found exactly the right venue in the Kornhauskeller in Berne.

Because the location search had lasted a little longer than planned, I have an event during this time on Facebook already created and with the announcement of “save the date” which asked potential participants to reserve the date.

The program here was clear, that it comes to an interchange with peers.Networking. We spin our yarns together and help each other: “create-share-enjoy’. In addition to the “work” was laughing too much. This especially in the photobooth and with Raphael Hitz by Our site . His equipment which created many beautiful pictures, we were able to take home.

All small gifts were allowed to take for the way home:

  • Bookbinders design Plannerto write on the latest ideas and inspirations from the evening itself, and of course also for all future.
  • Pencil by Fox & Gretel online shop-practical and stylish at the same time for recording the thoughts around wirrenden.
  • Coupon by tibits for a hot drink of choice.Who drinks not like another Cup of tea on a train late at night after a stimulating evening among like-minded people?

Thanks all participants for coming and join the sponsors for their confidence and useful gifts. Also I want to thank the team of the grain House cellar for the Nice and professional service when planning and implementing this event.

At the 1st STYLEHÄPPCHEN meet up in Bern were following service provider:

Andrea Karr photography, Jeanine Linder photography, Nina Wakefield photography, Tabea Maria-Lisa floristry, Ola Cakes, Simone Jordi Weddings,Hostettler Festival & wedding fashion, Fuchs and Gretel, LA MARIPOSA Weddings, Rhonda Dorsey | in-voice, Smilebooth, Mela Photography, Jennifer März photography, cm weddings, Passiamour event design & coordination,Lene Wichmann photography, Photo Mirjam, Toldo photo and Kuisine.

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